Frankly, it’s a miracle we could even focus on Scandal. We are still mentally rocking back and forth from last week’s Grey’s Anatomy, which called for a separate, dedicated post. You can see our reaction to “How to Save a Life” here.  Spoilers for Scandal and Grey’s abound, so proceed with caution.


Scandal, Season 4, Episode 20 — “First Lady Sings the Blues”

What we loved:

Shandle: I was glad that Jake wasn’t dead like we thought. I don’t know if I could have taken that after Grey’s, though I still doubt he’ll make it past the end of this season.
Kathy: I couldn’t even focus. I had to watch this episode twice to even really see what happened. If Jake had died, I think I would have needed to be sedated for real.
Shandle: Right? Bad idea making us think we’d lose characters in both shows that night.  I loved that the badass Black Sable Russian killer was this unassuming grandma who baked cookies.
Kathy: When they pulled up to the big house, I knew it was going to be a twist. It was awesome.
Shandle: Can I just say how much I love how feminist this show is? I feel like every other week or so, Shonda is tackling women’s issues in this show with such smart witty dialogue. It makes me love Abby so much more.
Kathy: As a raging feminist myself, I absolutely love that she tackles these issues. She makes them mainstream and shows what feminism really looks like instead of the stereotypes you usually see.
Shandle: Yes, she really does. Speaking of rage…Papa Pope shooting Russell totally made me snort. He really gives no fucks.
Kathy: I was kind of glad because, really? Fuck him.
Shandle: *nods* Cy and Sally have such a great dynamic, I could watch them debate all day. It makes me wish I could have seen more of them together when the actors were Meredith’s parents on Grey’s.
Kathy: Whenever they are together it’s amazing to watch. It gives me all the feels. They are both so passionate and smart.

Shandle: Jake staring at Russell next to him was so intense! Jake is so strong and not easily rattled. Seeing that fear in his eyes while he was so helpless gave me chills.
Kathy: That was some serious “I’m fucked” business right there.

Shandle: I also loved Fitz and Mellie this episode. He really is keeping his word about helping to get her to the Oval next.
Kathy: It shows that they really are a team, even if they aren’t in love. They really do love each other.

What could’ve been better:

Shandle: I feel kind of bad that this episode aired after Derek’s death, because I know I wasn’t able to focus on it and had to watch it twice.
Kathy: Yes, I think they should have pushed it a week. It was too much.

Oh shit, Shonda! moment:

Shandle: There were two for me. The first one was Liv finding Mary and her grandkids dead, and then of course Liv pulling the gun on Russell.

Kathy: I’m going with the kids, I wasn’t expecting them to actually show it like that. Usually they don’t show kids so that really got me.

What we’re looking forward to:

Shandle: What the hell is Foxtail?!
Kathy: What does the fox say? *nanananananana* Just kidding, but really what the hell is it?

Best lines:

“Calling 9-1-1 because in America we don’t let our friends bleed out on some conference room table.” — David about Jake

“Is that Monopoly money or tax payer money she uses to travel the globe?” — Sally about Mellie

“Fixer. I think that’s the word you’re looking for.” — Olivia to Russian doctor

“I’ve worked with Russian spies; they’re all cold, dead inside, nothing scares them because they have nothing to lose. Those Russian spies tell me stories about Black Sable, even they’re scared of Black Sable — no one is more ruthless, no one is more dangerous.”  — Huck to Liv

“Growing up we were poor, really poor, not American poor.” — Black Sable/Mary Peterson to Liv and Huck

“Because no one ever imagined that a woman would ever get an idea in her pretty little head to run for office?
“Yes, Abby.”
“So, Mellie Grant’s run for Senate is legal because of misogyny? In this instance misogyny is our friend, that’s what you’re saying?
“No, no, I’m saying something less controversial and less likely to get me stoned to death by my feminist sisters.” — Abby and David

“Sometimes I pretend you say nice normal things when I call.” — Russell to Olivia

“Some people have bark, some people have bike; I have both.” — Olivia

“Sir, don’t you think a man would be better? I know, I hate myself for saying it. I threw up in my mouth a little bit for saying that. But we both know if Sally’s audience hears a woman defending a first lady on the basis of feminism, well they’ll just turn the channel. But if they hear a man saying those same things…” — Abby to Fitz

“You’ve saved my life multiple times and I can do is sit here, hold your hand and hope that you don’t die.” — Olivia to Jake

“You don’t have me, I have me and the me I have enjoys being alive.” — Charlie to David
“It’s Olivia and this is definitely going to hurt.” — Olivia to Russell



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