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Seriously Shonda?! McDevastated.

If you clicked on this after reading the title and get mad about spoilers, we don’t even know what to tell you. Seek help.

Shandle: The Shondacoaster came to an abrupt halt for me last night and I’m still recovering from the emotional whiplash. Shonda killed off Derek, our McDreamy. Did we all know his departure from the show was coming? Yes. Did that make the reality of watching it hurt any less? No. I understand characters have to leave shows, but why couldn’t Derek just leave? He had his job in D.C. Shonda could have written him off to Washington with mentions here and there of Meredith visiting, but no. She had to crush us by killing him. Killing the neurosurgeon with brain damage? *Cue Alanis Morissette’s Ironic*
Kathy: I feel betrayed, I think. I might still be in shock. The full gravity of my feelings may not be apparent to me yet. I think for the most part I feel betrayed. It felt cruel and unnecessary. The way it played out, the ridiculous bait and switches…the one liners that will be burned in my brain forever. It was painful to watch. How could she do this? How could Shonda take this from us? How could she take Meredith and Derek from us? The show started with them. It should have ended with them.

We have pulled together our reactions to the episode as well as those of fellow heartbroken Shonda fans. Enjoy. Or cry. (Let’s be real, we are all crying.)


Does anyone ever really have a short cut?

Yep, this is what happens when you have a “shortcut.”



Kathy: I don’t know about you, Shandle, but I thought this is where it would end. I thought this was where he would die.
Shandle: Me, too!





Kathy: This really killed me. It was cruel I think to the viewers.



Kathy: Another Bait & Switch. At least this time I knew it wasn’t real.


Kathy: Oh, elevators. I haven’t been able to ride one since this show started without thinking of all the elevator scenes.


Kathy: This chick – am I right?


Debra, fan/sufferer: I was not emotionally ready for that…. Then they gave us hope and took it right back away. Even my husband was like, “There are other ways to write someone out of a show, damn.”

Karen, fan/sufferer: Why does everyone on the show die?


Jennifer, fan/sufferer: I’m sad. I’m hurt. I’m depressed. To me, Grey’s is Derek and Mer. I know it’s bigger than that, but they are the core. Now, they’re no more. I mean, I can’t even comprehend that properly.

Sarah, fan/sufferer: I was too angry to cry. I knew it was going to happen, but that doesn’t make it hurt or suck less. It didn’t take me by surprise like Sloane. I have a feeling that next week I will be a mess.


Amy, fan/sufferer: That is pretty much exactly how I thought it would go down. I love the irony of it all. Still gut wrenching, though. That was some ugly crying on my part.


Barbara, fan/sufferer and Sweatpants & Coffee recapper: I figured out why I’m angry. Because it’s lazy, lazy writing. I am so sick of television writers saying that getting two characters together ruins the show. Why? Why can’t they write something better? What has been done to Meredith is CRUEL. She watched her mother suffer and die. Her father died traumatically. She watched her sister killed in a plane crash. She was in the room after one of her best friends was hit by a bus, and he died. She has drowned, had a horrible miscarriage while trying to save her husband who was shot. She almost died in childbirth. ENOUGH, man! Be more creative than that! It’s like that old trope in romance novels where the heroine always gets kidnapped so we can have the hero save her. It’s lazy, and I am angry.


We would also like to point out some serious fuckery that took place last night, and we aren’t talking about on the show. We are talking about the gross misconduct from major news and entertainment outlets. We saw numerous spoilers before the East Coast viewing was even over. That is just wrong and irresponsible.


Final thoughts:

Kathy: I am not sure how the show can survive at this point. I mean, could it go on? Sure, but it would be much like a patient on life support. It would be there, but not truly there. I know we preach a lot about how you should #trustnothing, and I still hold that to be true. This just felt so unreasonable, so ridiculous, and it has made me question if Shonda even likes Meredith.

Shandle: I figured he was going to die. I was prepared for it. I’m more mad about the way she killed him. I’m just wrecked for Meredith, how much is one person supposed to take and still keep going? There are more ways to show a character’s strength than by killing every person she loves.

So how are you? On a scale of 1 to Fucked Up how are you feeling today?


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