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Sweatpants & Coffee Custom Roast “Relax” Decaf Blend


“Relax” is our signature dark roast decaf! Choose between fine or coarse grind, whole bean, or K-cup fine ground coffee when you buy. With hints of cocoa, roasted walnuts, and subtle dried fruit, you'll be relaxing in style with this full-bodied brew. Delicious!

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Have you ever dreamed of a world where Sweatpants & Coffee actually sells their own brand of coffee? Obviously, we have. And the good folks at PLB Coffee have helped us make our dreams come true!

“Relax” is our signature decaf dark roast. All the smooth, rich flavor you crave without the caffeine (for those times when you need to wind down). Choose between fine or coarse grind, whole bean, or K-cup fine ground coffee when you buy. Delicious!

From PLB:

Grab a cup and Relax! This SWISS WATER® Process Decaf Coffee uses a 100% chemical free decaffeination process using water from the coast mountains of British Columbia and proprietary caffeine-specific carbon re-generation technology to gently remove the caffeine until the coffee beans are 99.9% caffeine-free. Solvents like methylene chloride or ethyl acetate are never used to remove caffeine from green coffee beans; rich and full-bodied with a mellow finish.


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Emily Parker is a musician, writer, and avid reader who started Bucket List Book Reviews, the ‘1,001 Books to Read Before You Die’ project. For Sweatpants & Coffee, Emily hopes to inspire the reading of the classics by a whole new audience by only reviewing the really good stuff.

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