There are probably people who, like responsible adults, have orderly records and organized desks, and who simply view the April 15th tax deadline as just another day. They don’t spend an entire Saturday in their pajamas, sorting through crumpled receipts and bank statements, trying to figure out what that check for $159.73 from seven months ago was even for because no one can remember. But none of those people are us. In case you need some calm after the stress of doing taxes, we’ve assembled this little collection of soothing videos. Pour yourself the comfort beverage of your choice, sit back, relax, and get ready to zone the f*&$ out.

Like looking at beautiful, dreamy scenery? This one is for you.

Maybe you enjoy watching strangely satisfying activities. Like this video of soap being carved. Don’t ask what for – just let yourself drift…

You that kinetic sand stuff that you see in the store and your kids are always begging you for it, but you don’t really get why? Well, it’s weirdly relaxing to watch it being smooshed and shaped and sliced.

Some people paint for relaxation, but we find it’s just as relaxing to watch someone else do it. Like this artist doing watercolors.

And of course, there’s the king of soothing art videos, the great Bob Ross.

If you like cooking videos, Peaceful Cuisine is an amazingly calming channel. You don’t even need to know what they’re making or how to make it. Just enjoy.

If you enjoy relaxing videos of sea creatures, you’ll like this one.

This last one needs a disclaimer. It’s SUPER WEIRD. There’s really no way to describe “Hi Stranger.” Some find it relaxing, some find it haunts their dreams. So, click at your own risk, weirdo.

Hi Stranger from Kirsten Lepore on Vimeo.

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