Only 13 whole days left in October already! And you know what that means? That Halloween is only 13 days away and THAT means that the holidays are just about ready to start rolling through at lightning speed. This also means that there are only 13 days left for you guys to enter our epic Dead Sexy #TreatYoSelfTote. That’s not many days left y’all. So today we’re going to talk about Geeky Girl Scents and how she went from candles for the fam to candles for everything pop-culture lovers.

When Chelsea originally started making candles she just did it for fun, “first started making candles for Christmas gifts one year! I wanted to make gifts for friends and family, so I decided to try out making candles. That’s when I found out that I really LOVE making candles.” It was when she became a stay-at-home Mom that her love for making candles turned into a way to make some money from home. So from there, she thought about all the things that she loved with the world of pop-culture, books, and fandom in the forefront, “I thought it would be fun to combine my favorite fandoms into candle scents, that’s how I came up with the name Geeky Girl Scents!” she enthusiastically shares.

From here she started her Etsy shop and immediately went to town with all the things she loved. Harry Potter, Supernatural, Disney, The Walking Dead (obviously), and comics; you name it and she’s got a candle for it. But don’t let her enthusiasm fool you into thinking that she’s got this warehouse operation going because she is a one-woman show. All of her candles are hand-poured, eco-friendly soy, non-toxic, and made with insoluble glitter. Did we mention there’s glitter? And that it won’t invade every crevice of your space like the plague because it is contained within the candle? So yea, that’s one of my most favorite things about it.

This Lucille Candle is scrumptious! It has the sweet tang of fresh-cut citrus with notes of smoke and tinder. When it burns the wax is blood-red and sparkly as all get-out.

But like I said, she’s got a little bit of everything going on and I can’t wait to get my hands on this Horror Book Genre Candle ($14.50 for 8 oz.) because I love all things spooky even though I am such an anxiety cat. It smells of Cinnamon, Oakmoss, Floral, and Vanilla.

Or this Doctor Who Bigger on the Inside Candle ($14.50)! It’s scented with Clove, Smoke, and Sandalwood.

Check out all the great scents that Chelsea has created HERE and follow her journey below!

Geeky Girl Scents Website (Brand New!)

Geeky Girl Scents Facebook

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Geeky Girl Scents Etsy Shop


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