This is our final Spotlight Review for our August #TreatYoSelfTote and it is a doosey. We’ve been lucky enough to work with the wonderful people at JAVA Skin Care to get you a SET of their coffee infused skin care products. You are going to love them.

Stephanie Additon found inspiration from exactly where most of us start our day, inside her cup of coffee. She knew that coffee carried some amazing beauty benefits on its own (anti-aging, exfoliation, anti-inflammatory, even temporarily reducing cellulite) and saw the potential for a coffee infused skin care routine. So she did just that.

JAVA Coffee Infused Skin Care products are made with green coffee and a blend of organic oils. The green coffee is sourced from a certified farm in Guatemala where it is organically grown. From there the green coffee is roasted at JAVA’s own facility to ensure that the coffee is providing maximum antioxidants and caffeine. Natural oils, like argan, pumpkin, and rosemary, have been proven to repair, protect, and nourish your skin.

“Our vision for JAVA Skin Care is a luxury eco brand built on the rejuvenating proprieties of coffee. Every single JAVA Skin Care product has been formulated for perfection, with you in mind. JAVA Skin Care’s organic ingredients are globally sourced, and are of the highest grade and quality available. When we say there’s no other skincare line on the market like JAVA, we mean it.”

So let me just break down how each of these items worked for me.

I’ll start with the JAVA Skin Care Aloe and Almond Body Wash ($5.50)

and the JAVA Skin Care Exfoliating Bar Soap ($9.00) These two things, though similar, gave me different experiences as far as what they did. The wash is made with Almond oil and smells so good when I put it on my loofa. It made my skin soft but not oily, where the Body Bar had a slightly exfoliating property to it from the coffee that’s ground inside. Both smell great and didn’t cause any irritation.

JAVA Skin Care Demitasse Lip Scrub ($9.00) is like candy for adults that actually helps you out. I definitely appreciated a softer, slightly plumper pout after using it. It didn’t hurt that it was delicious and I’d just lick it off.

JAVA Skin Care Organic Green Coffee Body Serum ($36.00) surprised me to be honest. A little goes such a long way and I saw a difference right away with how well my skin held the moisture in after applying. It combatted dry, flaky skin for at least 12 hours after I applied it.

Finally, my personal fave, the JAVA Skin Care Coffee Bean and Raw Sugar Scrub ($28.00). This was a big game changer to my shower routine since I didn’t really exfoliate very well before. The grounds gently exfoliated, I didn’t feel like my skin was being scraped off but more buffed. I noticed softer, smoother skin right away and because I was buffing I noticed a little longer life out of my razors too. I’m sold on this. The combination of natural oils really changed the texture and appearance of my skin and I won’t be going without it any more.

Some else I’m swooning over is their JAVA Skin Care Bloom Lip Duo ($14.00) with its rose and coffee infused lip scrub and its tinted lip balm. *swoon*

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