With only a week and a half left to enter our June Beach Don’t Kill My Vibe #TreatYoSelfTote , we’re bringing it waaaay back.

When Lip Smacker reached out to us (which I’ve dreamed about saying since I was 7 years old and obsessing over how many flavors I owned) we jumped at the chance to have these sweet little treats in our tote.

If you’ve never heard of Lip Smacker I just… I don’t even know where to BEGIN! They were the flavored lip balm that enhanced my childhood. Flavors like Dr. Pepper, Strawberry, and sour apple were the lip mix tape of my youth. The company itself actually began in 1973 by Jess A. Bell. What started with only 2 flavors (if you can even believe there was ever only two) exploded into an international company and filled the bags, purses, fanny packs, and presents for kids and adults around the world. And now you can buy them ONLINE!?!

They sent us their Lip Café Frappe Collection and we’re loving the it. Below you’ll see we have Vanilla, Chai, Mocha, Caramel, and the all coveted Pumpkin Spice. Flavors that all ages can enjoy! And did I mention that you can’t get this complete set anywhere else?

And they’ve been busy as ever working with Disney on a Tsum Tsum Collection

and Marvel with a Super Hero Collection.

Maybe call me old fashioned, but this Roll-It Dr. Pepper will always take me back to the glossiest of glossy days.

Don’t let yourself miss out on these fabulous flavors! Enter our #TreatYoSelfTote below.

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