Chasing stars has been a favorite pass time of mine since I was a kid. So this month’s Blanket Full of Stars Tote was a lot of fun for me to put together for you guys. I just thought about all the things I’d want to have with me while star gazing and viola! OK, except for the skincare regiment but how could I resist?!

But today we’re spotlighting Orchard Street Apparel and their ridiculously cute Little Dipper Tee ($25). The fabric is soft and drapey. Perfect for a day lounging around or an afternoon trekking about.

Look at those constellations!

This company stared with a true love story. Whitney Teska and his then girlfriend Julie started out making screen tee’s out of the basement of their sweet farmhouse in the middle of Milwaukee. The name coming from the street that house was on.

Whitney had taught himself how to screen print tee’s. Growing up playing in Punk bands started his love for the art. In 2008, Julie and Whitney entered their business plan into The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s business competition and took first place. “Our goal was simple: Provide eco-friendly screen printing on ethically-produced garments.” They were “committed from the start to breaking that pollution cycle and was ahead of the vast majority of print shops in exclusively using phthalate-free plastisol and environmentally-friendly soy-based biodegradable cleaners.”

8 years, a few different locations, and a whole lot of growing later they’ve moved out of their basement in their home to a separate creative space. They are proudly based in Milwaukee, pulling from life on the great lakes for inspiration, and plan on staying there for the foreseeable future.

On top of their Little Dipper Tee that I love so much (which, HELLO, you can also get in kids sizes!) I’m also eyeing their California State Seal Tri-Blend ($22.50) which you can also buy for any state!

And these adorable Flour Sack Towel: Gift Set of 3 ($25.00). You get all three of the Eat, Fresh, and Grown Sets.

You can follow them on their journey below:




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