I can’t believe we’re about to close out 2017and I’m glad that we’ve been able to share this year with you all. Bringing even a little bit of joy to your day is what led us to these totes. This month’s Peace #TreatYoSelfTote makes me want to snuggle under a blanket every time I see it. And this month’s first Spotlight goes to a pretty amazing woman who doesn’t just make bada** jewelry but also founded The Underbelly, Melissa McAllister.

Melissa McAllister started The Brave Sparrow in 2012 because her artist heart just couldn’t be tamed. Every piece is hand-stamped and made fierce with love and wit. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 she used it as an outlet to spread support and encouragement to others along with her Brave Girl Boxes; boxes that she designed specifically for women who had just been diagnosed with breast cancer to deliver a little bit of courage. Melissa’s spunk and drive is hard to explain, but honestly, I think she says it best herself,

“I’m a fierce supporter of equality, human rights, democracy, and feminism. I’m a breast cancer advocate and the publisher of an online breast cancer magazine called The Underbelly. These days you can find me marching in D.C., making waves AND phone calls to my congressman so that I do my part! You’ll also notice that my work reflects the fact that I have my finger on the political pulse of our nation. My motto is to “Live From The Bottom of My Brave Heart” and I hope you will too!

xo Melissa”

This beautiful Peace bracelet that she made for our tote is the perfect little reminder to slow down and take a minute (or 30) to just relax. Let the world around you move and just enjoy the moment a little.

We’re also loving this:


“Reclaiming My Time” Cuff $20.00

And of course, this Sweatpants & Coffee inspired “Caffeinated & Courageous” Cuff $20.00


Follow Melissa while she’s kicking a** and taking names below:

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