Some of the best moments in our lives have no picture memories. Whether it is your first kiss, a first dance, the day you met your person; all of these things are so special and yet, we rarely have more than the memory. The Night Sky IO is a star mapping company that is making memories to last a lifetime.

When Ciara Dowling started The Night Sky it was after countless nights of putting her babies to sleep. While her husband traveled a lot for work bedtime was always tough. Part of the bedtime routine became looking out at the stars while she reassured them that “Dada” was looking at the exact same stars. That’s when the idea for The Night Sky was born, like so many other wonderful things in life, out of love and longing.


The process itself is simple. You put in a date and a location and the star map from that very day is brought up. They use a combination of NASA data and star libraries to make sure the layout of the stars is 100% accurate. From there you choose whatever Title you want, what you want the location to be, and background color. You can also choose whether you have a grid or constellations on the map, which can be one, the other, neither, or both. For my map I chose lyrics to our song (Then by Brad Paisley) renamed the location “Home”, and decided on a dark blue sky on a white background. I absolutely love it. It is clean, simple, and holds so, so many memories.

I think this makes a great addiction to any home décor and an even better gift.

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