When I found out in August that there was going to be an Official The Walking Dead Cookbook I knew that I had to try to get my hands on one for you guys. Lucky for us when I reached out to Insight Editions they were happy to send us a couple of books! The internal TWD fan freaked out for a bit (in the most fangirl way) about it and was all too stoked to be able to offer it to you guys. It was the base of this month’s #TreatYoSelfTote theme Dead Sexy. In my head I could already see how it was going to prep me for an actual apocalypse, no zombies required.

Insight Editions is a publishing company that creates beautiful books, comics, graphic novels, journals, stationary; just things that are visually beautiful. They create their products based on the things that people love from Sci-fi to Television to movies to gaming. If there’s a fandom that you love they inevitably have something for it. Maybe it’s a poster set or a comic book, and obviously it could be a cookbook that brings the worlds that you watch on your screen to life in your own home.

The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook and Survival Guide was written by Author Lauren Wilson and shot by Photographer Yunhee Kim. Lauren Wilson is a Professional Chef and cookbook author who lives in Brooklyn, New York. She has worked in the food world in all different outlets such as online magazines, print, resturaunts, catering, and also teaches cooking classes. She’s the Author of The Art of Eating Through the Zombie Apocalyse, so she was clearly a perfect fit for this gig. While Professional Photographer Yunhee Kim is also New York based and specializes in food, interior, and still life. You’ll see her work with Food Network, Martha Stewart, Parents, and recently Siggis, just to name a few.

The book itself is beautiful while still looking like it has seen some stuff. All of the photos and pages look like they are worn and weathered, literally like a shot out of The Walking Dead set. And we couldn’t do a real review without actually trying some of this stuff right? Right. So I tried 2 dishes and a drink just for you guys.

My first dish was Aaron and Eric’s Linguine and I have to admit that it was really easy and just a really simple but good dish. It consists of a simple tomato sauce with Linguine noodles and Panko crumbs.

The second dish I HAD to try, Carol’s Quarter Chocolate Bar Cookies. If you watch the show you’ll know how these cookies have been the bartering chip that everyone sells their soul for. Such a sweet little thing that leads to so much drama. But they’re pretty delicious to be honest.

Finally, The Walker. It just seemed like the right thing to do ya know? But watch out for it because its got a bit of a kick and will warm you right up.

You can get your own copy of The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook and Survival Guide from retailers near you and Amazon.com. And if you want to see what other great things they’re doing over at Insight Editions stay in the know for new products below.

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And don’t you miss out on this month’s Dead Sexy #TreatYoSelfTote where you can get a copy of this book and so much more!


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