I’m so excited to share this month’s #TreatYoSelfTote with you guys! I’ve found some stuff I love and know you will too. We’re starting our September Spotlight Series with Waft, the perfume you get to make just for you.

Waft is changing the way we wear perfume one bottle at a time. Unlike your everyday perfume shopping, walking through rows of pretty bottles trying to distinguish one scent from another, you simply answer a few questions about the things you like. Starting with do you prefer more masculine or feminine scents? How do you feel about sweet or spicy or musky? Maybe stuff you’ve never really thought about mixed with some you have, like do you like playful scents or outdoorsy scents? Day or Night? And once you’ve done it all you choose a scent/perfume/cologne you like that’s on the market (I have always loved Love Spell by Victoria’s Secret) and the Waft lab gets the ball going.

Your perfume is made for you by you and the scent experts at the Waft Lab. Even more fun is that you get to choose its name, whatever you like, which makes for a great gift for anyone to give too. And each bottle come with a few scent samples that enhance your perfume for different activities; one that lightens it up for daytime, something more warm and spicy for date night, and another fresh layer for social activities. It’s my new favorite thing to wear and it fits me so well I don’t think I can eve go back to regular perfume.

Win yourself a customized bottle of your very own perfume in this month’s Dancin’ in September #TreatYoSelfTote Giveaway. Enter our giveaway to win this and so much more below!


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