This month’s #TreatYoSelfTote is full to the brim with summer love. We’re starting off our June Spotlight Series with a summer essentials kit. Everything you need to spend some quality time having fun in the sun. Check out what we’ve got for you from the lovely Grace Soraparu of Whole Love Organics.

When I had a chance to talk to Grace she was candid about how Whole Love Organics came along, “Whole Love Organics was born from a need to create.  I have never been a creative person (at least in a traditional sense” Grace shared. “I’ve never been good with words or expressing myself with a pencil or paint brush. But a few years ago, I started with coconut oil, arrowroot powder and wax and made my first stick of deodorant. I found my calling.  My dream is to get as many people, women especially, using organic deodorant. I am passionate about quality ingredients, products that are made with love, but that are affordable at the same time.”

So let’s do a little run down of these wonderfully organic products that Grace has made for us in the Summer Essentials Set:

Organic Vegan Deodorant: 2.15 ounces made with organic virgin coconut oil, organic arrowroot powder, candelilla wax, baking soda (aluminum free), and organic tea tree essential oil. It has an earthy scent from the tea tree oil, and I was a little skeptical that it would hold up while I was outside gardening but it held up great. No sweaty pits here! It goes on smooth and you don’t get the little white flakes from the normal deodorant stick.

Lavender Organic Vegan Sunscreen: 2.15 ounces made with organic virgin coconut oil, organic shea butter, candelilla wax, 20% zinc oxide (non-nano uncoated), vitamin E oil, organic raspberry seed oil, organic carrot seed oil, and organic lavender essential oil. This really has a lovely scent from the lavender and worked just as well as anything else to protect me from too much sun.

Peppermint & Lemongrass Organic Bug Repellent:  2 ounces made with organic witch hazel, distilled water, organic vanilla extract, organice catnip extract, organic essential oils of lemongrass and peppermint. Although the heat hasn’t really hit us here in California yet I was still able to try this out at the park with the gnats and mosquitos and other flying pests. Needless to say I didn’t seem to be on their radar.

Organic Bug Bit Balm:  .15 ounce made with organic extra virgin olive oil infused with organic lavender and chamomile flowers, candelilla wax, organic shea butter, plantain extract, organic essential oils of tea tree and lavender. I used this little guy on a flea bite I got and it cooled and soothed the bite right away. It also comes in this hand chap stick tube that makes application easy.

Organic Peppermint Lip Balm: .15 ounces made with organic avocado oil, organic shea butter, organic virgin coconut oil, candelilla wax, organic peppermint essential oil. I’m a minty person, myself. I pretty much love anything minty. What I especially enjoyed about this lip balm though was that it really made my lips feel like they were being hydrated. There’s no flavor so it just feels like a smooth coating.


Loving what you’re seeing up there? Here are a couple other things we’re loving from her and if you use Code SPAC15 you can get 15% off of everything!

Tinted Lip Balm Trio with Pink Orange Vanilla, Mango Mint, and Coffee $14.95

Organic Coffee Scrub $9.95 also comes in Lemon Peppermint, Lavender, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus.


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