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Strong Women of Supernatural SPNathon

It’s no secret how much we here at Sweatpants & Coffee love Supernatural. So you can imagine how thrilled we were to be asked by the awesome people at, the premiere SPN fansite, to live tweet with them during their “Strong Women of Supernatural” marathon. And the best part? You can play, too! Just watch along with us this Sunday, February 16, starting at noon EST, as we cruise through nine episodes featuring some of our favorite girls with guns. And knives. And fangs. And…you get the idea. Live tweet your thoughts, using the hashtag #SPNathon, and watch for ours, under the handles @SweatpantsCafe and @BarbaraMSD.

Here is the episode list, and the kick-ass ladies they feature.


 “Faith”, Season One, Episode 12

Julie Benz can do no wrong, in my eyes. She managed to imbue a vicious, manipulative killer with tenderness and sympathy on “Angel”, and, in this episode, she manages to take a dying, desperate girl and make her utterly believable as a pillar of strength and a testament to the power of faith. Layla Rourke never got her miracle of healing and a long life to come. But she did get cynical Dean Winchester to pray for her, and, as she said, that was a miracle indeed.


“Shadow”, Season One, Episode 16

Oh, Meg Masters. You saucy demon scamp. How lucky are you that you got to be portrayed by not one but two talented actresses? Nicki Aycox brings Meg to life with such a sexy, snarky vibe while still letting you know she is her Daddy Azazel’s girl and she’ll cut you where you sit. Literally. Her grin is wicked, her growl is scary and let’s not even get into her prowess with a blade. Plus? She stops mid-torture to kiss Sam Winchester. Girl’s got her priorities right.

Amber Benson

“Bloodlust”, Season Two, Episode 3

Amber Benson = massive, massive girl crush. After fighting demons with her witchcraft on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” she turned the tables by playing the vampire Lenore, who made “vegetarian” vampires cool long before the Twilight movie ever hit the theaters. Lenore teaches Dean that not everything is purely “evil” or “good”–a lesson he will need to carry with him as he proceeds to find out that his world is nothing if not 50 shades of grey. Lenore appears in the very first line of SPN fan fiction I ever wrote. There’s a reason for that, and Amber Benson is it. (Side note: yes, I write fan fiction. There just isn’t enough Winchester in my life so I make my own.)


“Jus in Bello”, Season Three, Episode 12

So much girl power in this one! From the first incarnation of the demon Ruby, played by Katie Cassidy, who tries (and fails) to teach the boys that sometimes war means very human casualties in the light of the greater good, to sweet virgin Nancy, who wants to give her life as a sacrifice to just that (something Dean can’t abide, mostly because she’s never gotten laid.) We see Bela Talbot, played by Lauren Cohan of The Walking Dead fame, the two-faced master thief who sold her soul (that Dean can’t decide if he wants to shoot or sleep with.) And let’s not forget the woman who started it all, the first demon, Lilith, who is somehow more terrifying when she embodies a little girl. The girls are out to getcha, Winchesters. Better watch out.

Julie McNiven

Genevieve Padalecki Ruby

“On the Head of a Pin”, Season Four, Episode 16

Anna Milton and the Ruby version 2.0. Angel and demon. Nothing in common? Not quite. Both are the lucky recipients of some Winchester lovin’, and both are committed to getting the boys to rebel in the face of the apocalypse. Sam and Dean begin the episode riding away from another strong woman’s funeral, their friend Pamela Barnes, the best psychic around, sick of losing all of their friends to the fight. Too bad, Winchesters. The real fight has just begun. Anna has regained her forfeited grace, and she stands up to Castiel, becoming a renegade angel so hard she kills Uriel with his own sword. And Ruby? Well, she’s back, and she’s controlling Sam like a puppet master, making him think he’s going to save the world while running her own agenda for world domination. Genevieve Cortese has undeniable chemistry with Jared Padalecki (no surprise, since they are now married and have two kids together in real life) and the luminous Julie McNiven shows that Anna is like rock candy, sweet but unyielding, with the potential to bust your teeth out.

Ellen and Jo

“Abandon All Hope”, Season Five, Episode 10

Ellen and Jo Harvelle. The women of SPN that I miss the most, by a Roadhouse country mile. Sure, I could focus on the fact that this episode featured another much beloved (by me and Cas, anyway) SPN female, Meg Masters 2.0 as played by the uber-talented Rachel Miner, but this episode belonged to a different kind of love story–the story of the true love that only a mother and daughter can share. A lot of fans disliked Jo, which is a head scratcher for me. Jo was smart, tough, and Alona Tal still made her seem vulnerable and soft at the same time. And don’t get me started on Samantha Ferris’ Ellen. She blew me away with her nuanced performance of the female version of Bobby Singer. Their scenes at the end, when Jo is dying and Ellen refuses to leave her side, made me bawl like a child. And they still do. Every time.

Amy Gumenick

“The Song Remains the Same”, Season Five, Episode 13

“Mary Winchester was a WHAT?!?!?!” That’s the reaction I had when I found out about Mary’s past as more than just a blonde “babe”. Anna the Angel goes back in time to kill John and Mary Winchester so Sam can never be born, and the results are heartbreaking. Not because she succeeds, which she doesn’t, but more as Sam finally sees the mother he has longed for his whole life, Dean sees the mom he misses every single day, and Mary learns, her heart breaking, what has happened to the beloved sons she always wanted to spare the life she was burdened with. Amy Gumenick and Matt Cohen have a beautiful chemistry as young John and Mary Winchester, but, in this episode anyway, it is Amy that steals the show. Her tears as she listen to Sam and Dean tell her what has happened to her  (and thus to them) are crushing, Heart wrenching. And knowing that there is nothing anyone can do to stop it from happening anyway? That her fate is unavoidable? I needed whisky even more than Dean usually does.

Rachel Miner

“Caged Heat”, Season Six, Episode 10

“What was that?” “I learned it from the pizza man.” “Well…A+ for you.” And thus began Megstiel, the ship I sail the most on this show. I love, love, LOVE the chemistry that Rachel Miner’s Meg shared with her “unicorn” Cas. Miner made Meg one of the most enjoyable characters on the show with her intelligence and sass and her impeccable line delivery. Seeing Meg hold off a pack of hellhounds? Laugh in the face of torture? Inflict her power and make Crowley bleed? Cas and I had something in common: it made me wanna go dark side, too.


Bonus photo. Cause…you know…reasons.

Kim Rhodes 350px-SheriffMills

“Time after Time”, Season Seven, Episode 12

I’ve raved about Sheriff Jody Mills in recaps before. Played by the hugely talented and relatable Kim Rhodes, Jody is one of those characters that I wish was on more often, because every time she is she brings an undeniable warmth to the screen. Jody has lost everything. Her husband. Her child. Even a potential future with Bobby. Yet she still has love. Hope. Kindness. The way she tries to use her “mother voice” on Sam in the midst of one of their craziest adventures yet made me want to hug the crap out of her. Jody is strong and stoic and doesn’t take one iota of crap, but she still sees the every day power of love. And no one needs that more than Sam and Dean.

Don’t forget to join us and WinchesterBros for the #SPNathon this Sunday, beginning at noon EST. See you there!


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10 Comments on Strong Women of Supernatural SPNathon

  1. I’m thinking Abaddon should have gotten an honorable mention but otherwise I completely agree with all of these kick ass women!

  2. Thank you, thank you!!!! Meg 2.0 and Jo – they never get the respect they need.

    While I still think that Jo seemed a bit too young for Dean she was in fact the perfect match.

    And I will forever ship Megstiel. Always.

  3. Will this be on tv??

  4. If so,which station? Would hate to miss it,weekends are hard enough without

  5. This is so true. They are and was some of the best kick assing ladies on Supernatural. I miss them all.Wish Adam would bring all the original cast back on.Men and women. It would be one awesome kick assing show beating the demons.Dean will need there help. Love them all. This is the greatest #1 show on TV.Supernatural <3

  6. Where do we watch? I don’t see it in the TV listings for tomorrow (Sunday). 🙁

  7. All I can say is… If they kill off Jody Mills I will RIOT! I am so absolutely sick and tired of having all my STRONG females killed off this show. Meg really, really upset me as far as losing a character that’s been there from the start. While I didn’t always want to be on her side, I did love that she was a fighter.

    You always know you’re going to lose the ones you love the most – so heaven help me if Charlie ever dies… She’s another strong female – she fights with the power of wisdom and I bet if she’s ever brought back from Oz she’ll have some tall tales for the boys.

    PS – I feel you 100% with Lenore / Amber love her. And MEGSTIEL FOREVER!!!

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