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Submission Guidelines for Sweatpants & Coffee

Sweatpants & Coffee is happy to welcome new writers!  We are looking for contributors in all site categories: personal essays, pop culture, television, books, recipes, lifestyle pieces, humor, roundups, mental health, you name it! Please be familiar with our website, particularly our tone and mission, before submitting content. We pay for original and previously published content based on clicks. If you are interested in writing for us, please read the details below and hit the “submit” button to send us your content.

How to submit to Sweatpants & Coffee

We will need the following.

  1. Your blog/website URL (If you don’t have one that’s okay.)
  2. Your social media profiles (Please include links.)
  3. Please specify if you are submitting an original article or previously published piece. If previously published, please include the name of publication and a link to the original article.
  4. Your name and email address. If you have published with us before, please note that as well.
  5. Your submission either pasted in the body of an email or as a Word document. If you wish to send photos, please include as separate attachments. Do not embed in the Word document. Please include a 140 character summary of your piece as well as relevant tags/keywords (a tag can also be a short phrase). NOTE: Submissions that do not include blurb and tags will not be accepted.
    Title: “5 Ways Sweatpants Have Made My Marriage Better”
    SEO Summary: “You can be comfortable and loved. In fact, here are five ways sweatpants have improved my marriage.”
    Tags: sweatpants, comfort, relationships, marriage, self-acceptance, love, just do you
  6. Listicles, pop culture pieces, recipes, and lifestyle articles should aim to be between 600 and 800 words. Essays (please familiarize yourself with the essays on our site) should be between 1000 and 1600 words, although we do consider longer form works if the topic merits it.
  7. A short biography (150 words or so). Feel free to include links to current projects and social media profiles.
  8. Your e-mail address or a headshot of yourself (150 px by 150 px).


Unique views are recorded for 30 days after your original or previously published article goes live. Payments are based on unique views and paid once you’ve met your threshold. Payments are sent via PayPal 30-90 days after your article is published. Your piece is promoted on Sweatpants & Coffee’s social media platforms and contributors are encouraged to promote their own pieces as widely as possible.


1/10th of a cent per click ($10 for every 1000 unique views), payable after the first thousand, up to a total of $50 per month.

By submitting your article, you are verifying that Sweatpants & Coffee has the right to publish this submission. If Sweatpants & Coffee accepts your submission, you will be contacted with specific details on the next steps to take, within two to four weeks of submission.

Examples of articles that work well on our site include:

We Tasted 23 Kinds of Coffee Ice Cream and Rated Them. You’re Welcome.

I’m Not Imagining Things: I Have Misophonia

5 Helpful Tips for the Walking Depressed

Personal Essay | Miles To Go Before I Sleep

The Price of Black Girl Magic

5 Fascinating Podcasts That Will Uplift You

Cooking, Comfort, and Confidence featuring Grilled Chicken and Linguini in Lemon Basil Cream Sauce

11 Ryan Reynolds GIF Reactions to Use In Any Comments Section

Sweatflix & Chill | 5 Indie Romances to Stream

NOTE: Sweatpants & Coffee does not publish posts that include do-follow links unless they are sponsored. Here are our guidelines for sponsored posts:


Our rates for sponsored posts range from $50 to $300 depending on the content. Our terms are listed below.

– For any sponsored post, no more than two outbound links per post.

– None of those links can link directly to ads

– Sweatpants & Coffee reserves the right to vet any companies or individuals wishing to advertise with us

– Sweatpants & Coffee reserves the right to edit the post as we see fit in order to meet our aesthetic and editorial requirements.


    1. Tilly

      I hate my job and I love to write. My soul is currently feeling so empty and writting while drinking coffee are the only tasks keeping myself and my soul bound together. I need to do this. I’d like to quit my job and write but what if my essays are denied? I’m not sure I could hold on or continue to be positive.

  1. Pamela

    Thank you thank you and thank you for this wonderful site! I had just returned early from a planned vacation with family feeling depleted, sad and upset with myself and needing quiet.
    Today I am doing just that – sweatpants, tea and my cat.

  2. Monica Cipolla Howard

    I would love to write for this page, I’ll put my thinking cap on!

  3. Susan Lana

    I just might do this! Great opportunity/ idea.

  4. Tiffany Valla Hutto

    I’m interested in submitting something, but if chosen, I wouldn’t want to be credited. Is attribution a requirement? I think some of your readers would identify with my story and inspire them.

  5. Sita Gaia

    Blurb: In this day and age, we are in the COVID-19 time which is leaving many of us bored and out of our regular routines. People with chronic illnesses have to stay at home regularly, and they are masters of keeping themselves entertained, and how to manage their anxiety levels.
    Tags: COVID-19, boredom, creativity, The Spoon Theory,
    Bio: Sita Gaia has been writing for years; poetry and blog pieces. She is a strong working, and gets along with her teammates.

    Killing Isolation

    As a person with a chronic illness, I am a master of knowing how to stay at home – a skill now
    needed by all of us in this COVID-19 world. People with chronic illnesses call themselves “spoonies” which is a derivative from the The Spoon Theory which is a metaphor for how much energy it takes to do specific tasks. The Spoon Theory was created by Christine Misarandeno. I apply these tips to my every day life, and are very applicable to being on lockdown due to COVID-19 if you present no symptoms.

    In December 2018, I had a free voucher for a coffee- coffee shops being my favourite place to go. Even with a concussion, I greeted the sun and for my free coffee of course. That decision left me with a fractured tooth, fractured orbital lobe and got a black eye- to name most of the injuries. My doctor was concerned about my health (and sense of judgment), so he put me on house arrest for six months until my upcoming wedding. I recovered from my concussion and
    started to come up with creative ideas to keep myself entertained. I practised Zumba from Pop
    Sugar through YouTube, and created a book of poetry. I also read books that I hadn’t finished
    from Christmas. Crafts are also fun and sometimes mind numbing. Also it sounds childish, I know, but I pulled out my adult colouring books from when they were a fad. Since they were so intricate, it gave me a lot to concentrate on and it felt like time was flying by. One of my close Instagram friends gives me suggestions on my graphics which is so helpful, as I love making graphics for my instagram account. I enjoy it and it’s good to learn a new skill too .If you enjoy creating graphics for instagram, it’s a great idea to create some to gain some more followers and put good vibes out into the Instagram community. Through this quarantine I have gained a fair amount of followers, and although no one wants to brag it feels good.

    Cliche as it sounds, I got into cleaning the house and made sure it was as impeccable to the
    best of my ability. My fiance at the time (now spouse) has much higher standards for cleaning,
    so it was hard to live up to that. My spouse and I have also made ‘to do’ lists for each day. Cleaning the kitchen and re-arranging my desk area has been a very helpful task that needed to be done anyways. Also, having a clean kitchen always makes my mind feel more at ease. My wife was at work, but my mum would come over sometimes and we would spend some quality time together. If you are at home with your family and have a close relationship together, you have the opportunity to get to know their childhood better. I am sure that my Dad could go on and on about stories from his childhood or something that happened even that day. It is great to have a good relationship with your parents, especially ones who are great story tellers.

    At this point in time, my anxiety is often triggered. I have never seen stores so sparse of
    cleaning supplies, snacks and food. It is hard to get even a bar of chocolate! I think that more people need to share instead of hoarding.
    Let’s be honest though. Not everything is happy happy joy joy. The media is carrying an overwhelming number of stories on the virus and it’s deadly effects. I have talked to my friends that I know in person through video chat and there is a great deal of worry. There are fear of germs, and if they accidentally came into contact with a germ, also many people have lost their jobs. I recommend turning off the news if it is too much for you. Also practising mindfulness is helpful to relax your mind.

    When my stress starts rising. I go for a power walk so I can get some adrenaline and also so I don’t lose my mind. It helps that I live close to a beautiful park so it is easy to remain your distance from other people. Luckily the weather has been beautiful so it’s been nice to get out of the apartment and feel like you’re part of society. Or I turn on our diffuser, which now is sending the lovely scents of lavender into the air – very soothing. Having a cuppa’ tea is another tried and true anxiety reducer. I know it’s best to not go out where people congregate – ugh!.. coffee shops are my natural territory. But, I am told that I don’t have to isolate completely but keep a social distance when I’m out. But the reality is that we are all having to spend lots of time at home. So put together a playlist of your favourite songs and have a dance party with yourself or your family in your home and be happy that you don’t have to go to work for two weeks – if you’re lucky enough to be able to telecommute or if you can afford it. If you are isolated completely, I recommend talking to your friends through Skype or Zoom, so you don’t feel completely alone. Also, my cousin lives alone but we can’t see her, so we have arranged to text while watching a movie on Friday night. My spouse came up with that idea- isn’t she brilliant?! Also there is always Netflix to entertain your mind.
    Good luck, everyone. I feel you.

    1. Sita Gaia


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  7. Stacey Band

    I am very interested in writing for Sweatpants and Coffee and I have 2 submissions that are ready!

  8. Paola Fajardo

    Hi there,
    I have an original essay that I’d like to submit. How can I submit them here?

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