When browsing the interwebs this holiday season I came across these new subscription boxes called Supply Pod by Outer Places. The first thing that jumped out at me was their motto: “Where Science Meets Science Fiction.” Yes, please.

There are a few other script boxes out there that focus on science and science fiction, but what I dig about these is the way they choose their content. Outer Places stays up to date with all of the recent sci-fi movie releases as well as the latest scientific discoveries. The Outer Places website is chock full of videos, articles, reviews, and other fun content. The Supply Pod is their newest edition.

I spoke with Louis Monoyudis, the COO over at Outer Places. He describes the desire for the folks at Outer Places to share their love of science and sci-fi with their audience as the reason behind the development of the Supply Pod. Louis states:

“Supply Pod is a natural extension of the Outer Places brand and provides a wonderful opportunity to bring a tangible experience to our devoted audience of science and science-fiction enthusiasts. Our editorial and creative teams workshopped the name and brand identity, led by our CEO and founder Michael Donovan.”

With the increased public interest in the subjects of science, STEM, STEAM, and sci-fi, there are many products available these days. But the topics are chosen based on what is most relevant to their motto and what is, or (they believe) will be, the most popular item with their audience. They pride themselves on finding products to include in their pods that seamlessly combine fun with science. It’s this attention to detail and passion for science that I believe makes them stand out from the crowd of boxes.

The Review:

Supply Pods are a bi-monthly subscription starting at $39.99 per month. Each Pod contains 7-10 items specially chosen for that theme. You can check out the first Supply Pod here (spoiler: it was for The Martian). This month, the theme was Star Wars: The Force Awakens to coincide with the much-anticipated premiere of Episode 7 of the Star Wars Saga, and this pod was full of Force-related goodies.

1-Supply Pod-Full Box Image

The Pin:

The first item was an AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport) simplified lapel pin. There were several different designs available, so it was like a grab bag item.

9-Supply Pod-Star Wars Pin

The Jelly Beans:

Next there was the Galaxy Mix of sparkling jelly bean goodness. The Sparkling Wild Blackberry became my favorite and was also the hardest to find in the bag (alas).
5-Supply Pod-Jelly Belly Star Wars
The Socks:

I loved the socks. They came in a wide size range (6-12) which initially worried me, but they fit perfectly and really, look how awesome they are. They are gender neutral and include a dark pair to wear under your slacks if you want.
Supply Pod-Star Wars Socks
The Light Saber Crystal:

OK, I’ll level with you. You do NOT get a light saber. But, you get a crystal growing kit and, according to the lore, a set of crystals resonates at the heart of every light saber. So, here’s to hoping these things grow into something I can wield around my enemies.
4-Supply Pod-Crystal Growing Kit
The Power Tube:

The Mimo Power Tube was awesome. It’s a portable charging unit for most devices. It has a micro-USB for charging up the tube but a USB output so you can attach it to any compatible device. It comes with a cord for a lightning charger as well as a micro-USB. There are several themes, so I was pretty stoked that I got R2D2. It just made so much sense that I’ll be carrying him around so he can charge my stuff.
6-Supply Pod-Mimoco Power Tube
The Book:

The book included was Star Wars Psychology: Dark Side of the Mind by Travis Langley. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a signed copy. It was arguably my favorite thing in the pod. The book itself dives into the well-known archetypal hero’s journey and how the psychology behind it shaped the course of the entire Star Wars Saga. It touches on various subjects beginning with the definition of evil, emotions, choices, individual journeys, and why our favorite characters are our favorites.

starwarspsychology download 8-Supply Pod-Signed Book Inside
The Timeline:

OK, I’d have to say this was a close second to the book. It is a Star Wars canon timeline produced in-house by Outer Places. It encompasses the books, movies, TV shows, video games, and comics that are all considered canon now that the Star Wars franchise is starting a new era with Disney. Very cool to see it all on an easy to read chart.

Supply Pod-Star Wars Canon Poster

All this is just the start. Outer Places has revealed the theme for the next pod, and I’m pretty excited about that one as well. It’s The X-Files! Use the CODE below and get 10% off your own Supply Pod!




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