There are some amazing movies on Netflix right now dedicated to the women’s movement–historical documentation of the fight that is far from over. So, grab your best friends, your partner, or even your coming-of-age children, and get ready to get fired up.

Free The Nipple

This documentary centers around the NYC-based activists Liv and With while they fight for equal rights, specifically going topless in public.


Girl Rising

Girl rising follows nine girls and their real-life struggles. From arranged marriages to child slavery, this powerful documentary exposes global injustices suffered by girls all over the world.


The Sixties and The Seventies

These documentary series are filled with amazing information on these two decades. There is an episode in each season that focus on the Women’s Movement. Perfect for your ladies’ night.


What Happened, Miss Simone

Nina Simone was a Civil Rights activist and groundbreaking artist. Her music changed the lives of many, and you can get to know her on a personal level in this documentary.


Miss Representation

Jennifer Newsom takes you on a journey through our media the way young girls and boys are exposed to gender stereotypes from an early age, which ultimately influences them as adults.


She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry

You guys, if you only watch one movie from this list, make it this one. I cried. I laughed. I found myself clapping and cheering along with the women featured. This documentary is the first I have seen where all the different sectors of the movement are covered. Meaning, it doesn’t just feature white, straight women.  Women of different classes, women of color, women of varied sexual orientations–it’s all here. Do yourself a favor and watch this one. Watch it twice.


What To Snack On

The key to a great small gathering is always variety. Put together an easy meat and cheese tray. Check out this gorgeous Cheese Board from Style Me Pretty



Now add some nice dips. Give my Trio of Hummus a try.



To top it all off grab your favorite wine, or try out this fantastic White Moscato Sangria from Amanda’s Cookin



You have everything you need now for an education in feminist badassery! Enjoy!


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