When life is overwhelming, sometimes you need to escape into the strange and mysterious. These streaming shows are just the thing, and we’re suggesting you pair them with some Baked Popcorn Chicken Bites and a delicious Boozy Apple Crumble Cocktail.

3 % – Netflix | Series | Season 1 | 8 episodes


The Netflix summary reads: “With the world in ruins, a gleaming offshore haven offers the only escape – for the 3% who can prove they’re worthy.” This Brazilian dystopian fantasy may be viewed in either Portugese or English.

Black Mirror – Netflix | Series | Seasons 1-3 | 13 episodes


Described on the Channel 4 website as a “satirical series, tapping into the collective unease about our modern world” this is Twilight zone meets X-Files in a collection of standalone sci-fi short stories.

Stranger Things – Netflix | Series | Season 1 | 8 episodes


This Netflix original drama has the look and feel of an 80s movie like The Goonies or E.T. When a young boy disappears, his friends and family search for him and end up discovering a sinister secret. You’ll fall in love with the characters and find yourself holding your breath.

The Kettering Incident – Amazon Prime Video | Series | Season 1 | 8 episodes


From Amazon: “Two girls disappear in identical circumstances in the wilds of Tasmania 15 years apart, and Doctor Anna Macy finds herself linked to both cases. To clear her name, Anna must delve into her troubled past and face some truths about herself and the otherworldly nature of this gothic land.” The cinematography of this series is breathtaking and makes the landscape as much a character in this story as the people.

To nibble

May we suggest these Baked Popcorn Chicken Bites from Damn Delicious? Because damn. These sound delicious. Tender nuggets of boneless chicken breaded with a potato chip crust and baked to perfection!


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To sip

Try this Boozy Apple Crumble Cocktail:


  • 1 oz. bourbon
  • 1 oz. butterscotch schnapps
  • 4 oz. hard apple cider
  • 1 tsp. agave syrup

Mix all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Pour into a glass.

Happy marathoning!


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