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Let’s be honest. A LOT of reality television feels like junk food. Tasty, gratifying, but somehow leaving you with an emptiness or a full of vague regret. But these reality shows are different. They’ll take you out of your own reality and whisk you away into another one that is fascinating, inspirational, or maybe thought-provoking. You won’t feel like you wasted your couch time in a voyeuristic stupor. Guilt-free viewing!

Queer Eye – Netflix

1 season – 8 episodes

This new iteration of the popular “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” goes well beyond a typical makeover show. The reboot, simply titled “Queer Eye,” features an all new cast of experts and the focus is helping their subjects to find joy and self-acceptance. You’ll love watching the transformations and can’t help but be uplifted by the exuberance of Jonathan, Bobby, Tan, Karamo, and Antoni.

Stream here.

Ugly Delicious – Netflix

1 season – 8 episodes

Momofuku founder and celebrity chef David Chang explores the food that feeds our spirits as well as our body – food that may be ugly (meaning unstyled – the opposite of expertly plated “tweezer food”) but is undeniably delicious.

Stream here.

Chef’s Table – Netflix

3 seasons – 18 episodes

Each episode follows a different world class chef, from humble beginning to heady success. It’s a thoughtful look at not just what we eat, but the deliberative process of preparation and how the philosophy of the chef shapes the cuisine.

Stream here.

Buzzfeed: shows like The Try Guys, Worth It, and Worth It: Life$tyle – Amazon, Hulu, YouTube

­So many episodes. So many.

Media giant Buzzfeed is a wealth of tasty, snackable video content. Our favorite shows are the ones where real people try stuff, whether it be a device that simulates labor pains, pizza at three drastically different price points, or a night in a $35,000 hotel room. You can browse their YouTube channel here.

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