Introducing Sweatpants & Coffee’s very own advice column, tailored to the needs our readers, from therapist Naomi Harvey:

I am a psychotherapist and avid Sweatpants & Coffee follower. I want to reach out to others who may be looking for a little help or advice on depression, anxiety, stress, relationships – anything that is stopping you sleeping at night or making life a struggle right now.


The reason I offer this as a regular source of advice is not only to help individuals but also because I firmly believe through sharing our own struggles – as we see in the stories shared here – we are united our humanity and vulnerability, and this gives us strength. Through discussing what you are going through and my (hopefully) helpful advice – others will find solace and comfort in knowing they are not alone. I guarantee someone else out there is suffering in almost exactly the same way but maybe feels too afraid to get help.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy draws on many models of therapy such as Evolutionary Psychology, CBT, NLP, Neuroscience and Mindfulness to help us understand the way our brains work but to utilize effective tools to effect the best possible outcome. I will take into consideration your brain, your mind, and your heart and how they are all linked.

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    Naomi Harvey BA, HND
    Clinical Hypnotherapist

    You read some of Naomi’s advice on anxiety here, here and here.


    Naomi Harvey, HND BA is a Clinical Hypnotherapist. She is a Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in relationships, anxiety and low self esteem. SFH uses neuroscience , NLP and CBT to better understand ourselves and how our bodies and mind are linked. Once we have an understanding of why we are feeling or reacting the way we do, we can then learn ways to control it and also accept it. Her therapy is very much influenced by positive psychology and amazing inspirational teachings of people such as Brene Brown. She firmly believes that to live wholeheartedly we need to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and find the 3 C’s courage, compassion and connection. For further information on how hypnotherapy can help you, her website is

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