Mission: To stay fresh this summer

We’re in the fullness of summer. Sunscreen, burnt hot dogs, hot asphalt, and humidity mean everything smells, and it’s only worse with deodorant that refuses to work and perfume that makes you suffocate. I’m breaking down some things for you to be as minimally stank as possible (although in super humid Southern US weather, that’s definitely hard to do).

If it’s summer, your scalp is likely doing the Greased Lightning dance and making your hair, well…awful. Awful, okay? I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DOOOOO – ahem. Basically, you’ll want to suck it up and shower every day, wash your hair every other day. Yes, I know, you don’t want to damage your pretty hair, but you also don’t want to smell like literal swamp ass, so wash yourself.

First, I like to make sure my face is super clean. Pre-cleanse with an oil cleanser (This one from Boots is a bargain), then go in with a frothy, foaming cleanser to really help you feel clean (this one from Bliss foams, exfoliates, and brightens skin tone without lightening).

I like to cleanse, exfoliate, shave, then cleanse again in the summer. I do my first body cleanse with Nubian Heritage African Black Soap which helps get skin squeaky clean, prevents infection and ingrown hairs between waxing appointments or shaving, prevents body acne, and can even get the scungiest, sweatiest, just-been-camping, lawn-work-all-day, basically-IRL-Pigpen skin back to clean, sparkling, and happy. Spend a good solid minute scrubbing those underarms to make sure you get rid of the smelly bacteria. To exfoliate, I absolutely love anything with peppermint (This stuff is absolutely lovely for a refreshing scrub).


Scrub everywhere that you want to shave, or is rough, or is smelly (hint: armpits!) or basically anywhere but your face and sensitive areas (aka, don’t use this to exfoliate between Brazilians). Then shave anything you want to (or don’t, cause that’s your bidness) with this lovely pomegranate-scented shaving cream from Eos. For your final cleanse, I like something that’s a little lighter on the smell-scale, but still makes me feel lovely. Also, a teeny bit of antibiotic power doesn’t hurt. Soap and Glory makes a diviiiiiine body wash that smells like limes and lightly conditions without making your skin feel clogged up. If that isn’t enough to tame your BO, then head here to get dōTERRA’s On Guard Foaming Hand Wash which has natural antibiotic properties. There are LOTS of different essential oil companies, all with similar blends to help the immune system and banish germs, but this is the brand I personally use and love. Bonus? The On Guard soap smells like chai tea in the fall.


Time for the hair. A good clarifying shampoo can be hard to find, but this one gets the job solidly done. Plus, peppermint makes everyone feel cleaner. This cleansing conditioner is a foamy joy, so rather than weighing your hair down, it just seals in moisture. A rinse seems like a silly step, but when your hair is bogged down with product and sweat, it can make a huge difference. Make your own hair rinse with vinegar (then rinse with cold water) to save a few bucks, or spend the $10 to get this concoction that leaves your hair smelling citrus fresh.


Now that you’re done in the shower, it’s time to seal the deal. Swipe on some deodorant from the stink gurus over at Schmidt’s to prevent any stank from reoccurring. Their Bergamot & Lime stick is like summer in a stick, but they have a few other varieties, including fragrance free, if smelling like citrus doesn’t make you happy. Tone your face with some super cooling face mist from Iceland and seal in the moisture with some luxurious but lightweight gel. My face is in LOVE with this product, but a $68 moisturizer from Japan might not be in your budget. If that’s the case, try this seaweed-packed lotion from The Body Shop. For the rest of your body, I love using quirky brand Not Soap, Radio’s body soufflés that quickly absorb and hydrate. I currently have Awash In a Field of Four Leaf Clovers in my bathroom, and it smells like what Irish Spring wishes it smelled like. They also make body washes and exfoliating scrubs, if you prefer sticking to one line of product.


And there you have it! If you’re in any way stinky after this thorough of a clean, then you’ve got some a’splaining to do.


Charlotte Smith is an esthetician licensed in Tennessee and Georgia. She’s married to a lumberjack version of Deadpool, is obsessed with huskies, is straight up in quarter-life crisis mode, and loves pretty much anything that could be considered creepy.

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