While I have read and reviewed many children’s books over the years that dealt with difficult topics such as divorce, death, learning differences, and disabilities, I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed one as much as I did Naomi Harvey’s book, beautifully illustrated by Daria Danilova aimed at helping children dealing with anxiety, “Silly Limbic: A Tail of Bravery.”

In just under 30 pages, the author manages to examine childhood anxiety in a non-preachy way. There are two kids in the story, Oscar and Daisy, each with anxiety. While Oscar is still trying to tame his anxiety, Limbic, Daisy has mastered hers, named Lyra. Through the clever use of images and phrases turned upside down, readers get a glimpse into what it is like to have anxiety and worry dictate your every move. Oscar, through the patient assistance of Daisy, learns that his anxiety is keeping him from enjoying life and she provides him with a “leash” to control Limbic and his hold over Oscar. While he misses a trip to the fair, Oscar manages to keep his panic at bay and join his new friend, Daisy, as she and her father make a trip to a local farm.

Children will love the illustrations in this book, with anxiety presented in the form of two adorable dogs. While some of the phrases may give kids outside the UK a giggle (what is a loo?), they aren’t overwhelming and do not distract from the truth that this story presents…children can overcome anxiety by learning coping strategies, trusting their friends, and keeping their fears tethered.

You can learn more about Limbic and order a copy from sillylimbic.com.



Julie Bond

Julie Bond is a voracious reader with eclectic tastes running the gamut from YA lit, to psychological suspense, and anything dog-related, of course. You can find her haunting her favorite San Francisco Bay Area indie bookstores. Email her at ObsessiveBookFanatic@gmail.com


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