It’s warming up, the sun is shining and summer is just around the corner. Here are three novels to enjoy in the sunshine.

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Newly in paperback with a movie out on May 19, Everything, Everything is bound to make you appreciate your life.

Madeline has a rare disease that prevents her from leaving her house and prevents almost everyone else from entering. She lives a very sheltered life with her mother and her nurse, Carla. At 18, she’s used to her limited world. She’s accepted her life. Sometimes, though, seeing life pass beyond her window can be hard to bear. One day, a new family moves in across the street. Once Madeline and the teenaged Olly have made eye contact, her tiny world begins to expand. She starts wishing for more. For the first time in her life, Madeline realizes her world is small. She feels trapped. She wants to love Olly, and she wants to see the world.

This is a beautiful story about falling in love for the first time and finding a way to really live despite one’s limitations.

Secrets in Summer by Nancy Thayer

Darcy is pretty happy with her life. She lives in Nantucket year-round, and she has her dream job as a librarian. She has the perfect house left to her by her grandmother, a sweet and handsome almost-boyfriend, and a lovable cat named Muffler. All in all, life is sweet, though it hasn’t always been that way. Darcy’s parents gave her up to be raised by her grandmother. When her grandmother passes away, Darcy inherits her house. Darcy has never paid too much attention to the vacationers who rent homes around her, but this year is different. To her shock, her ex-husband rents the house next door with his new wife and stepdaughter. Another frantic, vacationing neighbor shows up on her doorstep asking to borrow a cup of milk. Darcy instantly bonds with sweet, elderly Mimi who reminds her of her own grandmother. As the summer passes, Darcy finds herself drawn into her temporary neighbors’ lives, forming unexpected connections.

Secrets in Summer is an upbeat tale, filled with strong, likable characters, including a very lovable cat. This isn’t a book about a woman devastated over her divorce – she is content with her life before summer begins. She’s also not sad to be single. However, she finds herself empowered by the new relationships she forms.

Hello, Sunshine by Laura Dave

Preorder now! Releases July 11

Hello, Sunshine is a unique story with believable, dimensional characters. Sunshine hosts a cooking show and is just about to hit the big time. Then, the unthinkable happens. She is hacked, and her secrets are leaked. We learn that Sunshine isn’t simply someone who has been wronged. She isn’t 100% innocent or totally lovable, but does she deserve what’s happened to her? The complexity of her character makes the reader root for Sunshine to save herself.

This is great summer reading.



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