We surely couldn’t let a holiday season go by without showing you some of the things we love straight from the Sweatpants & Coffee (community) closet. “All things cozy” is a lifestyle we live. We want you to live it, too. I did a little round up of some of my favorites that you can get from our Sweatpants & Coffee online shops. Everything is under $50 and ready to be loved by you.

Coffee Is My Cardio V-Neck $24

The best kind of cardio is the kind where the only sweat I break is coming from the steam off my cup. Long-line V-neck in men and women’s sizes with 14 different color options.

"Coffee Is My Cardio"

“Coffee Is My Cardio”

Fight the Pants Tank $18

Because most pants are like having gnomes follow you around all day, strangling your legs. That can’t be good for you. Comes in women’s racerback or unisex, with 12 different color options. #FightthePants

"Fight the Pants"

“Fight the Pants”

Nerdmaste $38

I still get compliments every time I wear this. It can be worn off the shoulder or as a boat-neck. Comes in five mellow colors. Either way, the motto stands: “The Divine Awkward in Me Honors the Divine Awkward in You”.



Weirdo Tribe Phone Case $18

One of our most well-known, loved quotes. I love the thought that we can all use this like a silent show of comaraderie. It comes in iPhone 5/6/6+, Galaxy S4/S5, and Note 3/4. #WeirdoTribesUnite

"Weirdo Tribe"

“Weirdo Tribe”


Anxiety Blob V-Neck $20

This is the best way for me to explain what it’s like to live with anxiety. Sometimes, you’re a warrior for all, and sometimes you’re just an Anxiety Blob trying to tell yourself it’ll all be okay. Comes in 4 different colors in a super-soft V-neck. Because soft=comfort, comfort= less anxiety.

Anxiety Blob

Anxiety Blob design closeup

Sweatpants and Coffee for All Vintage Hoodie $40

This is quickly becoming my new favorite hoodie. Just look at it. All the wonderful benefits of a well-worn, well-loved sweatshirt without the repeated washings to get it looking that way. Comes in 3 nostalgic and unisex colors. Best part: if you don’t feel like “peopling” then just put on the hood.

"Sweatpants and Coffee for All"

“Sweatpants and Coffee for All”

Holiday Mug $24.95

S&C Holiday Mug

Then, there are these beauties. These are our Limited Edition 2015 Holiday Mugs. Hand-thrown in a gorgeous burgundy with a blue-white glaze, fits perfectly in your hands. And these are going fast, so you better snag one while you still can!

Happy Holidays from our Sweatpants & Coffee family to yours!


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