In case you were curious about the faces behind the stories at Sweatpants & Coffee, we’d like to introduce you to some of the occupants of the internet’s coziest blanket fort.

Our editorial team is a diverse group of caffeinated women who work tirelessly, often in our pajamas, to keep Sweatpants & Coffee running. And the writers? We’d be nothing without them. Note: this is not by a long shot the entire Sweatpants & Coffee team, just the ones we could get to give us pictures.

Nanea Hoffman

Editor in Chief
CEO, Sweatpants And Coffee, LLC

Nanea is the founder of Sweatpants & Coffee and the original Anxiety Blob. Her team cherishes her words of wisdom (which she claims is really just her own neurotic inner dialogue). She feels extremely fortunate to have created the community she never knew she’d always needed.




Shandle Blaha

Director of Operations
Partner, Sweatpants And Coffee, LLC

If Team Sweatpants & Coffee were a soccer team, Shandle would be the mom with the schedule, the orange slices, and the first aid kit. She is incredibly organized, Type A in a good way, and keeps everyone on their toes and in line. She’s also a much needed emotional support and virtual hug supplier.





Emily Parker

Director of Web Development & Marketing
Partner, Sweatpants And Coffee, LLC

Emily is the goddess of all things technical for Sweatpants & Coffee. The staff describe her as “scary smart” and also the kindest, most optimistic soul of the bunch. Her knowledge and expertise are an invaluable resource, but even better is her wit, talent, and compassion.





Jessica Hancock

Director of Reviews & Vendor Relations
Partner, Sweatpants And Coffee, LLC

Jessica is a relationship builder in the truest sense. When she’s not producing thoughtful product reviews or working with affiliates, she’s volunteering to help with EVERYTHING. She’s that friend. Descriptions of her include “fireball” and “soul sister.”





Kathy Kitzmiller

Director of Branding & Product Development
Partner, Sweatpants And Coffee, LLC

Kathy is the creative genius who manages the Sweatpants & Coffee brand and brings you such magical gifts as the Treat Yo Self Tote. She is ridiculously stylish even (especially) while wrangling her four children.






Barbara Doyle

Contributing Editor

In addition to her editing skills, Barbara is best known at Sweatpants & Coffee for her witty, in-depth Supernatual recaps, which have developed a loyal following.






Charlotte Wear Fraser-Smith


Charlotte is our resident beauty expert who is always happy to share her extensive knowledge of self-care and aesthetics.






Heather Dyer


Heather is also known as the Dessert Nerd, and while we appreciate her humorous writing, her decadent recipes also make us thankful for stretchy pants.






Leslie Gayle


Best known for her Vikings recaps, Leslie writes on a variety of topics for Sweatpants & Coffee, including recipes, parenting, and pop culture.






Jerusha Gray

Writer, Graphics Editor

Jerusha is an artist and writer whose creativity makes Sweatpants & Coffee a more beautiful place.



Jessica Grey


Jessica’s passion for social justice and knowledge of history keep us more woke than a double espresso.






Salongo Wendland


Salongo is the cook behind Catastrophe Kitchen whose devil-may-care culinary adventures both inspire us and make us hungry.






Teri Gosselin


In addition to her lifestyle pieces, Teri keeps the Sweatpants & Coffee Pinterest account percolating.







We’re glad you found your way here. Grab a cup and stay a while.






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