By Shandle Blaha & Kathy Kitzmiller

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 12, Episode 8 – “Things We Lost in the Fire”

What we loved:

Shandle: Thank you, writers, for putting that image of Hunt and Riggs in my mind. Nothing to see here. I need a shower.

Kathy: I love that the writers even went there.

Shandle: I did until I found out they were brothers…

Shandle: Arizona and the butt flirting (Thanks, Amy!) with the cute female firefighter. I also loved their conversation about how they make a living off of pain. Richard’s response to Arizona about the note? I snorted.

Kathy: I love the two of them and their getting Arizona back out there plan. It’s adorable because you never ever saw them together like this, you know? They put one of my most disliked characters with one of my most liked ones, and now, I hate her a little less by default.

Sweatpants & Coffee | Seriously Shonda | 11/22

Shandle: Yes, she is growing on you now. I love her new friendship with Richard.

Kathy: I do wish, however, that they had kept growing his relationship with Maggie instead.

Shandle: Yeah, I hope that comes back around.

Shandle: I loved Bailey kicking people out of the cafeteria. “TAKE YOUR FOOD TO GO PEOPLE!” I love seeing her excel as Chief.

Kathy: Hahaha yes, everyone was like, *scatter*.

Shandle: The music, the remixes of BSB and Taylor Swift? LOVE.

Kathy: Dude, the music! Shonda has been killing it with the music for, I think, at least a few seasons now. I hope this trend continues.

Shandle: We need to find the soundtracks.

Shandle: I love that Jo and Stephanie made up.

Kathy: Me too, it was bound to happen.

Shandle: Maggie and Deluca? I totally ship it.

Kathy: Maluca? Daggie? They need a name…STAT.

Shandle: I’m digging #Daggie.

Sweatpants & Coffee | Seriously Shonda | 11/22

What could’ve been better:

Shandle: I don’t like Jo being mad at Mer, but I have to say I kind of agree with her. I want Alex to be a good Person for Mer, but Mer really is nasty to her. If I were in a relationship with Alex, I would be fed up with another woman acting that way toward me, too. I’m so conflicted! I love Alex and Jo together, AND I love him being Mer’s Person, but it’s like he can’t do both.

Kathy: I am going to be odd man out because I kind of feel like this is not a Mer issue. This is an Alex and Jo issue. Mer is treating Jo with the amount of respect both Jo and Alex allow Mer to treat her with. Now, if they stood up and were like, dude, stop, and Mer still kept up with it, then I would be like, yo, Mer, simmer down.

Shandle: That is a fair point, Alex should totally step up. But I also feel like Jo has been around long enough that she’s earned some respect as Alex’s partner already, you know?

Kathy: I want to agree with that, except Mer has been around Alex enough to know when something or someone is really important to him he will say so. That being said, since she was in on the proposal, you have to think a little. Uh, is this not a sign?

Shandle: That scene with Amelia and Meredith was rough. And how dare Amelia say Cristina left her? THAT IS HER PERSON. And Mer saying Amelia isn’t her sister? They really know how to hurt each other.

Kathy: That is exactly what I was going to say. For two people who aren’t family, they sure know exactly where to hit the hardest.

Shandle: They’re totally sisters. Only a sibling could say that shit to you and you still forgive them for it.

Kathy: I do always wonder, though. Mer does seem to have a real issue with her. I wonder a bit if she wasn’t dead on about her reminding Mer of Derek?

Shandle: I hadn’t considered that until Amelia said it.

Sweatpants & Coffee | Seriously Shonda | 11/22

Shandle: FEBRUARY?!

Kathy: Yeah, what the what.

Oh shit, Shonda! Moments:


Sweatpants & Coffee | Seriously Shonda | 11/22

What we’re looking forward to:

Shandle: If Jo doesn’t say yes to Alex, she is dead to me.

Kathy: If the next words out of Avery’s mouth aren’t “I love you,” he is dead to me.

Shandle: They are on the chopping block. Knife is ready!

Shandle: I hate that we still know NOTHING about Riggs and Hunt’s past, except that Owen had a sister. And if Amelia sleeps with Riggs? Also dead to me.

Sweatpants & Coffee | Seriously Shonda | 11/22

Kathy: It will never cease to amazing me how many secret siblings run rampant on this show. I really think she might drink to pump him for information. She really likes Owen. I really hope it’s not the case.

Shandle: This show should be called Secret Siblings.

Kathy: YES, Super Secret Dr. Siblings.

Best Lines:

“She’s my God.” – Penny

“I’m not going to wing man a patient for you!” – Richard

“Scars are okay, they tell you where you’ve been.” – Casey

Scandal, Season 5, Episode 9 – “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

What we loved:

Shandle: I hate to admit this, but Elizabeth is right. You could see it on Liv’s face. She hates every moment of this trophy wife life.

Kathy: This is not new to us. As she told Fitz, “Think about everything you know about me and ask yourself who wouldn’t run”.

Shandle: Yep, anyone who was surprised by what happened tonight wasn’t paying attention.

Sweatpants & Coffee | Seriously Shonda | 11/22

Shandle: OMG, Mellie and Planned Parenthood? YES. And I want to know if these things she’s reading out of the funding bill are based on real things? Because urinal cakes? Seriously? And Fitz thinking it’s about him or her wanting to “raise her profile?” Dude needs to check his ego. I like that Liv called him on it. #Standwithmellie! I am so proud of her.

Kathy: Mellie! #BeStillMyFeministHeart. I kept thinking, “Is this real life?” Ok, so you know I am #TeamVermont, but I wanted to slap him right in his stupid mouth. Also, I kind of love when powerful women take back the word bitch. Like, a lot.

Shandle: It was perfect.

Sweatpants & Coffee | Seriously Shonda | 11/22

Shandle: Susan coming in and saving Mellie was beautiful. I love that she kicked that guy out of his chair. #movebitch

Kathy: Oh, lovable Susan. She was my hero.

Shandle: Oh, David. First he and Susan were so adorkable with their punch and nog. Then, trying to give Liz jewelry and regifting it to Susan? No. Just, no. Shame, David, shame.

Kathy: I lost respect for David this episode. So, so much.

Shandle: He is totally in the dog house after this episode.

Shandle: Olivia getting an abortion? With Fitz’s baby? I have no words. And that they showed the…mechanics of it. Has any show done that before? Showing the machine?

Kathy: I can not think of any other time that this has been done, and especially not to that degree. With Cristina in Grey’s, I remember her on the table, but none of this. I know I say this all the time, but Shonda doesn’t pull any punches. I have to say I loved that it wasn’t brought up, it wasn’t discussed. It just happened. She didn’t need to talk about it with friends or even her partner. She just made the choice and handled it.

Shandle: She did handle it, but then remember, she needed Mellie’s hooch right after? So, it impacted her, but she didn’t let it own her. It was very Olivia Pope.

Sweatpants & Coffee | Serously Shonda | 11/22

Shandle: I love that Liv ran for Mellie’s hooch.

Kathy: Yeah, that was perfect. Then, they sat there and drank it together while I started looking through my own house for Mellie’s hooch.

What could’ve been better:

Shandle: How about that woman asking Liv about a cookie? A COOKIE? You get a chance to talk to Olivia Pope, and you want to ask about a fucking cookie? NO.

Kathy: And a snickerdoodle, at that. SIT. DOWN.

Shandle: What privileged rock does she live under that she didn’t know what a snickerdoodle was? UGH.

Shandle: Watching Liv talk about china patterns and seating charts hurts me. It is not her.

Kathy: I feel like it could be her IF she wanted to do it. Like, if it was her choice. If someone had just asked her if she wanted to do it, then I could see her doing it.

Shandle: Yes, good point. I was feeling that it wasn’t her choice.

Kathy: That was another Fitz comment that enraged me. The one about “how it works in here.”

Shandle: The end of Olitz? I think I’m still in shock. I need time to process.

Kathy: I am not ready to talk about it. I am just not ready.

Shandle: Why did Huck kidnap Rowan only to let him go?

Kathy: Thank you, I was so confused. Was it Jake who organized the whole thing? To figure out if Rowan was behind it all, or what? I was so damn confused.

Shandle: I need Cliff Notes or something for all of that. I can’t tell if Jake is going to Rowan to kill him or if he actually doesn’t hate him anymore.

Oh shit, Shonda! Moments:

  1. Huck and Rowan? Whoa. What Huck said about Liv and Rowan’s face after? Damn.
  2. Olivia getting an abortion? Holy. Shit.
  3. There is no Vermont! I yelled out, paused the TV, took a few minutes to gather myself, and kept pushing through that scene.

Sweatpants & coffee | Seriously Shonda | 11/22

What we’re looking forward to:

Shandle: I…I don’t know. February is way too far away! I’m also not looking forward to this, but the media backlash for this? It is going to be huge. I’m scared for the shit Shonda and Kerry are going to get for this episode.

Kathy: I am too, but you know who I bet isn’t? Shonda and Kerry. I am worried about my precious Vermont. It has been so jaded and violated this season. I don’t know if you can come back from this.

Shandle: You’re right. I knew Vermont was too good to be true. It was way too easy. Well, easy by Scandal standards.

Kathy: I have one question left burning from this episode, really. Just one. When the hell did she have time to put up a Christmas tree? And decorate it perfectly?


Sweatpants & Coffee | Seriously Shonda | 11/22

Best Lines:

“Everyone over the age of 10 hates Christmas.” – Quinn

“Let’s talk about gonorrhea!” – Susan

“You’re the biggest bitch I know. Don’t tell me you can’t do this.” – Olivia

“I am a big dog.” – Olivia

“Did you shoplift Christmas?” – Quinn

How to Get Away With Murder, Season 2, Episode 9 – “What Did We Do?”

What we loved:

Shandle: I love how I can never figure anything out in this show. As much as it tortures me, I love to hate it. I cannot believe Asher killed Sinclair! I love that he called Bonnie to come help and she did.

Kathy: Me, too. I feel like this show just keeps me guessing. And while that is extremely frustrating, it also makes this show so damn good. Of course he called BonBon! Sinclair – I hate to sound callous, but I won’t miss her a flipping lick.

Shandle: Nope, there will be no mourning her. Though, I will say being run over and then dropped from a balcony was literally overkill.

Sweatpants & Coffee | Seriously Shonda | 11/22

Shandle: Holy shit, Annalise is right. This ALL leads back to what happened to Sam. He died, and the dominoes just kept falling. I cannot believe she just outed them all to Asher like that. Nothing bonds people like a murder cover up, huh?

Kathy: That was a great moment. I was so mad when none of them even had his number. I was like – well, boom. Karma.

Shandle: Are you as surprised as I am about Connor’s moral compass?

Kathy: Surprised, for sure. Clearly Ollie has changed him a little, and I really think it was more fear for him rather than moral compass.

Shandle: Ah yes, fear. He has something to lose now. If he goes to jail, he loses Oliver.

Sweatpants & Coffee | Seriously Shonda | 11/22

Shandle: Annalise trying to get them all to shoot her. I have no words for that. How can they come back from that?

Kathy: I kind of loved that – now there are almost ZERO secrets. This means next season we will have completely new secrets, lies, and deception! ←- felt weird to be so giddy about that.

Shandle: That is a good point. The slate will be clean.

Sweatpants & Coffee | Seriously Shonda | 11/22

What could’ve been better:

Shandle: That scene with Asher’s mom was so hard. I feel bad for Asher. I really have grown to love him this season, and watching him break down in the car like that was heartbreaking. The fact that none of them have his number? I agree with Michaela. Worst people ever.

Kathy: I wanted to junk punch his mother so hard. I am still wondering about his father. That was so direct, what Sinclair said to him about his father and Tiffany. I know there was the cover up, but was there more to that story?

Shandle: I hope not. I do not want to learn Asher had more to do with that then he’s said.

Sweatpants & coffee | Seriously Shonda | 11/22

Oh shit, Shonda! Moments:

  1. Asher’s dad killing himself.
  2. Bonnie driving up with Sinclair in the trunk.
  3. Asher running Sinclair over.
  4. Annalise telling Asher the truth about Sam.
  5. Annalise telling Wes about Rebecca.
  6. Wes shooting her.
  7. Wes almost actually killing her.
  8. Kristoff?!
  9. Did she kill Wes’ mom?

Sweatpants & Coffee | Seriously Shonda | 11/22

What we’re looking forward to:

Shandle: Who is Kristoff?! Did she kill his mother?! That was way too much information in 5 minutes.

Kathy: I feel like there is a far more complicated story there. I mean, there has to be right?

Shandle: Wes was way too calm for a kid who saw his mom dead, too. What if he killed her and Annalise covered it up to save him since he was a kid? My mind is spinning with possibilities.

Kathy: I like your theory, but I have kids now who are the age he seemingly was. How would he not remember her? Even a little? After spending all this time with her? I mean, hell. My kids can remember the name of a babysitter they haven’t seen years….or that one time I said I would maybe let them eat cake for dinner.

Shandle: Trauma can mess with your memory. He repressed it to save himself the pain?

Kathy: I guess only time will tell. I’m not ready to ditch our “she’s his mommy” theory just yet, though.

Best Lines:

“You’re letting your vagina make all your decisions.” – Connor

Sinclair: “I may be a lot of things, but racist isn’t one of them.”

Nate: “That’s what racists always say.”

“Do what I say and ask questions later!” – Annalise

“You knew Nate was innocent and you were okay with framing him.” – Annalise

“Get on board or you’re the next body out there.” – Bonnie

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