Sweatpants & Coffee is proud to partner with Commaful to host a writing contest!

What is Commaful?

Commaful is a community of writers and readers sharing poetry, relatable stories, rants, and more in a beautiful visual format.

When does the contest end?

Friday, May 5, 2017


Write about whatever you want. It can be a poem, fiction, a think piece, whatever you feel like! Bonus points if you can include themes related to coffee, sweatpants, comfort, food, health, kindness, or creativity. To be entered in the contest, make sure you tag your story with: sweatpantscoffee

How do I enter?

Click this link to sign up on Commaful and submit your entry.

Submit stories to the contest by including this tag before you publish: sweatpantscoffee. After you tag a story with sweatpantscoffee, you will be automatically entered. You will see your story appear in the “Recent” tab above.

  • You can only submit stories publicly published AFTER the start of the contest.
  • A story can only be submitted to ONE contest.
  • You CAN edit your story after submitting it.
  • You can submit as many stories to a contest as you want.

What do you win?

THREE winners will be chosen by judges from Sweatpants & Coffee. Winners will be recognized here on our website and be promoted on Commaful social media channels, and win a bag our coffee!

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