Spring is upon us and we all need ways to keep the kids entertained, bookmark these colorful crafts!

Unicorn Poop | MomDot

Unicorn poop. The name alone makes this one all kinds of fun. There is even a link to a bonus recipe for rainbow fairy slime, for the non-poop inclined.

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The Galaxy, in a Bottle | Kid’s Activities Blog

Part soothing visual, part science experiment. What’s not to love?

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String Art Flower Cards | Hello, Wonderful

Don’t limit yourself to just flowers, here. You can do stars, moons or any shape you like! Don’t know how to draw the shape you want? Print out a coloring page from the internet and use that as a base.

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Fantasy Dragon Eggs | Adventure in a Box

How pretty are these? So many decorating possibilities, with old buttons, jewelry and natural found objects.

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Jellyfish Suncatcher | I Heart Arts n Crafts

Singing “Under the Sea” as you craft is not required but it does make this one even more fun.

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Harry Potter Wands | My Litter

Decorate your wand according to your house! Mine would be blue with a hint of red because I am a full-on Ravenclaw who is Gryffindor curious.

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Weave a Rainbow | Pink Stripey Socks

You don’t have to have chocolate gold coins at the bottom of this one but they are highly recommended.

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Make Your Own Colored Pasta | One Little Project

Who doesn’t like to string pasta jewelry? Take your macaroni art to the next level.

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