As any card-carrying Star Wars fan knows, May the 4th is traditionally known as Star Wars Day. If you’re confused, try saying “May the 4th” to yourself in a deep, James Earl Jones-esque voice.

Before we go any further, we must acknowledge the passing of Peter Mayhew, the original Chewbacca. He was much beloved and will be missed, not least for the work he did with The Peter Mayhew Foundation, which was dedicated to spreading awareness of and fundraising for pediatric cancer.

May the fourth be with you

The Star Wars fandom will either be celebrating or lamenting the impending release of the third movie in the Star Wars sequel saga which drops December 20, 2019. But today, we honor a few choice moments from the movies we’ve loved for the last three decades.

Starting with…

A New Hope

Premiere date: 1977

Leia hologram

Luke sees this cutie (which turns about to be a little weird later) and is entranced.

Luke Obiwan become a Jedi like my father

He turns to desert hermit Obiwan Kenobi.

Luke Han here's where the fun begins

And then he’s off on an adventure!

The Empire Strikes Back

Premiere date: 1980

Luke Leia kiss

These two have NO idea how disturbing this is going to be in the next movie.

Lando Calrissian

That awkward moment when your bro totally narcs on you.

Luke father noooooooo

Or when you get some bad news about your dad.

Return of the Jedi

Premiere date: 1983

Han Leia rescue

When you rescue/defrost your boyfriend but he doesn’t know who you are.

Han Leia kiss

But then he totes recognizes your voice and you give him some sugar.

Luke Jedi I warn you not to underestimate my power

Oh, and your buddy is now a badass Jedi (more or less).

Luke Anakin I feel the good in you

And he’s feelin’ optimistic about his dad.

return of the jedi force ghosts

Anyway, it all pretty much works out.

The Phantom Menace

Premiere date: 1999

young anakin

Before Darth Vader was Darth Vader, he was this little chubby-cheeked kiddo.

Kwaigon Anakin light sabers

And then he was a teenager who went through kind of a hair phase.

anakin sith battle

Feelin’ cute, might fight a Sith later, IDK


The queen approves.

Attack of the Clones

Premiere date: 2002

padme don't look at me like that

What that guy won’t stop staring at you.

Anakin Padme kiss

But then he wins you over.

Attack of the clones arena fight scene

When the squad gotta whoop some ass. And you know you look cute in your crop top.

Clone war has begun

And now you’re at war with a bunch of clones.

Revenge of the Sith

Premiere date: 2005

anakin obiwan palpatine rescue

They are so gonna regret saving this Palpatine guy.

Anakin Padme pregnant

When you find out your girl is pregnant.

yoda palpatine light saber duel

When you’re tiny but you can fight.

padme dying

When your man won’t listen to you, so you gotta be dramatic.

darth vader nooooooooo

When you have some “work” done and it doesn’t turn out well.

The Force Awakens

Premiere date: 2015

Rey The Force Awakens

That face you make when you find out they don’t want to include your character in the merch, even though you’re the heroine.

Kylo Ren don't be afraid I feel it too

Oh no, he’s hot.

Finn Poe I'm helping you escape

Would legit watch these two in a buddy cop show.

Han Solo the galaxy is counting on us

When you already saved the galaxy but now you gotta do it again.

Han Leia reunion

When you see your ex and you still got feels.

Kylo Ren Han Solo death scene

Still crying over this.

Rey returns Luke's lightsaber

When you go out of your way to return someone’s lost light saber and he won’t take the damn thing.

The Last Jedi

Premiere date: 2017

Luke tosses light saber

I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of fanboys suddenly cried out in terror.

porgs light saber

Was anyone else scared one of these little guys was going to get barbecued?

Rey practicing with light saber

When you’re super committed to your new workout.

Luke Yoda the sacred texts


Rey Kylo throne room fight scene

When he fights his buds for you.

Excited yet? Here is the official trailer for The Rise of Skywalker:

And here’s a super geeky breakdown of said trailer:

And here’s a hilarious video of Kylo Ren analyzing the trailer:

Later, nerds!

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