The anniversary of the release of The Empire Strikes Back (1980), May 21st is. Our first introduction to Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back it was. So, one of the wisest Jedis, by adopting his manner of speech today, we celebrate. Heh. Yoda might want to be celebrated not. A Jedi craves not that kind of attention. But for the hero he is we honor him. Yes.

Yodish often uses object-subject-verb word order, but entirely consistent throughout the films Yodish syntax was not. Because of that, no hard and fast rules about proper participation in this holiday, there are. Hmmmm. Be discouraged, do not. To help, the Force (okay, the Internet) provides tools. Yes, mmmm.

By design, we know not much about Master Yoda. To develop a backstory for Yoda, George Lucas chose not; some mystery to him, he wanted the Jedi master to have. Yes. Evidence of some of the tropes Lucas used as short-hand in his story-telling, both Yoda’s mysterious past and idiosyncratic speaking style are. To communicate Yoda’s importance, the ideas of the hermit guru, the old master, and the mystical Other Lucas used. Though now one of the most beloved characters in science fiction history, Yoda is, claim that Lucas’ using those tropes (among others) is racist and kind of lazy, I must.

Twenty-thousand Jedi knights, Yoda has trained, including many of the greatest Jedis (or former Jedis): Dooku, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, Kit Fisto, and Luke Skywalker, of course. Easier to believe, that number is when you realize Yoda lived for nine-hundred years. Exactly, nine-hundred years. Yes, hmmmm.

Wise, strong, and the key to much vital information, Yoda was. Help establish the plan to keep Luke and Leia safe, Yoda did. Another Skywalker, Yoda revealed to Luke that there was; Luke’s father, Master Yoda confirmed Darth Vader was.

We may know much about Yoda not, but we do know that, a badass, was he. So, to The Empire Strikes Back, a happy thirty-seventh anniversary we wish. Yes, hmmm. And celebrate the hero of heroes, let us!

May the Force be with you. And tell those seagulls, “Mmmmgh! Stop it now.”


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