For some of us, books are more than a source of entertainment or education. They’re our companions, our ticket into worlds unknown, and our refuge from every day life. They open our minds and hearts and expand our horizons. Here are 18 GIFs that every bookworm feels right in their soul.

1. When you couldn’t wait to break in your new card. Library card, that is.

2. When you first realized books made pictures in your BRAIN.

3. When you get completely lost in a good story.

4. And you want to stay in that world.

5. When you love everything about a book, especially the way it smells.

6. The magical feeling of curling up with a good book at bedtime.

7. When you want to talk about your favorite book and no one has read it.

8. When you get to show off your book collection to a new friend.

9. When your friend is ahead of you in a new series.

10. When someone says something against your favorite character.

11. When you’re challenged on a plot point and you need to school someone.

12. When you’re having trouble keeping up with your To Read list.

13. Your ideal vacation.

14. When someone tells you they’d rather just watch the movie.

15. When people don’t understand why the lives of fictional characters affect you so deeply.

16. When you meet someone and they ship the same pairing that you do.

17. When you finish an amazing book and don’t know what to do with your life now.

18. What the books you love most mean to you.


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