Dear Sweatpants,

Sure, XL T-shirts and Nike shorts are pretty comfy but you my lovely sweats are the best creation known to man and woman kind. Down south, the weather is always a little steamy but us northerners don’t have the luxury of walking around outside in just shorts and a T-shirt most of the months of the year, and that is where you come in.

Oh, lovely sweatpants you have never lead me astray or left me feeling uncomfortable. In my time of need, you have always been there with your soft fabric and spacious waistbands. After those 10-hour work days, you were there. Those long nights out with friends, you were there. Those countless lazy Saturdays spent on the couch watching Harry Potter, you were there. I dare say you are one of the most constant things in my life.

I have no reservations about putting you on. I don’t need to match you because most of the time you are just black, navy, and gray anyway. It’s like you knew I wouldn’t have the energy to match you up so you were prepared to match whatever I find first in my closet (or on the floor). You don’t even care if I wear a bralette or go braless. You are the epitome of comfortable.

So thank you for your warmth and comfort in my times of need, particularly during those late nights on campus when I don’t want to wear real people clothes anymore but need to leave the dorm.

You have accompanied me on countless late night milkshake runs, study sessions, and movie marathons. I will wear you until the day I die because when that cool weather and sporadic snow fall hits you will keep me warm and comfy while my shorts and t-shirt will keep me blue and numb.

Much love,

A comfy northern college student


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Taylor is a Mainer born and raised. The three necessities in her life are Jesus, comfy clothes, and lots of coffee. The way to her heart is a great vanilla latte. She’s currently working on a Bachelor’s degree in Communication with a concentration in media at Roberts Wesleyan College and planning on pursuing a career in journalism. You can follow her on Twitter: @Taylorplourde14.

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