Everybody has heard of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and most of the bizarre or offensive political/governmental/religious theories out there. But what about some of the weirder, fringe-ier theories? We turned to Reddit to find out. Answers taken from threads here, here, and here.

1. So just…any books? When do I get my answers?

2. Can we get the drones to please stop pooping on my car?

3. But can you make a clean getaway? Ba dum tsss.

4. Well, I mean, this one kind of makes sense.

5. Has anyone ever actually finished a tube of Chapstick and then thrown it away? Because I haven’t.

6. You mean my sun salutation is actually a Satan salutation?

7. So when I die, I go to planet Cancer? I think I’ll pass.

8. Say it ain’t so.

9. Maybe it gave him a buzz…

10. Seems legit.

Emily Parker is a musician, writer, and avid reader who started Bucket List Book Reviews, the ‘1,001 Books to Read Before You Die’ project. For Sweatpants & Coffee, Emily hopes to inspire the reading of the classics by a whole new audience by only reviewing the really good stuff.

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