Not only is February the shortest month of the year, but it’s also full of confusion, false hopes, and time travel. For example, by the time I realize we are in the month of February… we’re already halfway through the month. Like, how did we get here? Who drove?

And then you have things like Groundhog’s Day (and really…who is trusting this hairy little weasel with their forecast? My news anchors can’t even get it right) that somehow break up the month with a dash of psychic-woodland-creatures and the shattered dreams of those who have been suffering through winter.

And according to that groundhog we still have six weeks of winter left. That effing shadow is the one to f*ck everything up.

You walk into stores with shelves that were just lined with things like leg weights, yoga mats, and protein powder up the yin-yang. Only to find that you are not in fact going to lose that extra “holiday” weight because of this saboteur.

Followed closely by the actual holiday itself, where you are either the cutesiest couple in the world

or not…

Then, we have Presidents Day. I know what it’s about but really… how many of you know what it’s for?

It has honestly just turned into Ski Week for most people, at least those who are able to take a freaking day off.

And really, it is not safe for everyone.

Before you know it, it’s the 28th. We’re welcoming March and I have no idea what happened.

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