I always took squirrels for granted. They are everywhere here in the U.S. you open up your door and there they are sitting in the grass, climbing a tree or scuttling around making your dog have a fit. It wasn’t until a dear friend was visiting from New Zealand a few years ago and her squeal of delight at seeing it’s bushy little tail scamper across our path made me see how cute they are. We were walking along the National Mall in Washington D.C., sadly it was a rainy nasty day putting a damper on our site seeing and suddenly this little brown blur darted across the sidewalk and I will never forget her voice, “IS THAT A SQUIRREL?!” Her voice was so full of joy and excitement I couldn’t help but laugh in her delight at something so simple as a squirrel. Now every time I’m in D.C. or even in my own back yard and I see one I smile remembering her visit and the fun we had and how that furry little rodent brightened our moods that rainy afternoon. So, in honor of Squirrel Appreciation Day, here some adorable squirrelly GIFs to brighten your day.

Look how happy this guy is enjoying his lunch break.

Waterskiing like a boss.

Me, every Monday morning.

When a bully tries to take your lunch.

Graceful AF.

We all need to relax sometimes.

Don’t forget your daily cardio.


I’m sexy and I know it.

I cannot handle the cute!

Baby yawns!

Fixing his hair before his big date.

Late? No, I was here the whole time.


1 coffee to go, please.

Ok human you were right, this is better than raw nuts.



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