They wait for us all day and all night, wanting to be near us and wanting to please us, and occasionally knocking our stuff off the counterĀ or eating your favorite pair of flats (that you’re definitely never going to find again, but whatever). But we love them to death and can’t live without them, our furry companions. So, on this day, National Dress Up Your Pet Day, we even out the playing field just a biy. We take advantage of those thumbs and make them look the cutest you have EVER seen even if they are silently plotting their revenge. TheĀ Sweatpants & Coffee staff couldn’t wait to share the love with you.

Jessica Hancocks Dogs: Penny and Hank

“Mom, its not even raining inside this house right now.”

“Hank I am not, Yoda I am.”


Tomi Wiley James Dog: Poe

He’s not thrilled about winter weather, but he can rock a puppy parka.”


Emily Parkers Dogs: Stella and Mr. Chips

Stella makes weather-related exceptions for her coat. Otherwise, she tears it off.

“Mr. Chips, the Tiger.”

Jessica Greys Dogs: Loki and Tybault

Loki and Tybault braving the elements.

Teri Gosselings Dog: Tucker

“She promised me a traditional scarf, not this infinity scarf. Hmph.”


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