On what would have appeared to be any random fourth Thursday of the month – or in our case, burrito Thursday, the most beautiful alliance of burrito, and human was dreamed up by one spunky lass named Emma.

As usual, Emma was in the kitchen, helping me cut up our fresh ingredients for our beloved burritos, and as usual, I had to persistently get onto Emma for trying to eat the freshly made guacamole. As we finished preparing the ingredients, the rest of our family gathered around the table and started making their own personalized burritos. Emma made her burrito with a rather large heaping of chipotle hot sauce (she’s a girl after my heart) and stared longingly at her burrito as the rest of us finished putting our meals together. As we all dug into our delicious fourth Thursday of the month meals, Emma took her first bite and nearly melted into her chair. Turning to me she said, “I would marry this burrito if I could!” and went back to eating her food. Seconds later, with a slow turn of her head, she looked at me and said “Mom… I know what we’re doing this weekend… It has to happen. I’m in love with him (her burrito), and nothings going to change that.”

With that, we started making plans for Emma to wed her beloved on the next upcoming warm and sunny day.

The results were breathtaking… and delicious.

The beautiful bride.


The ring.


The first taste of love.


Holding him close.


True love.


A sweet moment.


Together forever.


The Happy Couple.



Laura is a Northern Virginia natural light photographer, who specializes in newborn and family portrait photography. She’ a mother of 3 amazing kids, and the wife of an amazing and goofy husband. She has a farm in Loudoun County, loves her fur babies, and shooting outdoors. She’s located in Round Hill, Virginia and shoots on location at her farm, or at scenic spots throughout Loudoun County. 

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