December days are short and the nights seem to stretch on forever. Story writing and character development have seeped into the spaces of my own life left by the sunshine of warmer months.  This edition of Wondrous Words aims to add some spice the stories (and characters in your own life).










Vocabulary in motion.

I set about to use as many of these lexonical gems in a teeny tiny story written in five minutes or less.

I set a timer on the microwave, plugged in my headphones with white noise, and soul-puked out the self-assignment.

“One foot in front of the other… one foot in front of the other,” she mumbled to herself as she stepped tenuously around stacks of books and coffee cups long forgotten. Funambulist, she was not, though some days Sarah thought perhaps a trip to the highwire would have suited her better that caring for elderly Dr. Jenkins and his wailing cat Tiberius. Tiberius (or ‘Satan’s Kitty’ as she referred to him) was smooth coated and fuscous. His fur made him nigh impossible to see until directly under foot and yowling from the indignity of being stepped on – yet again.  Sarah poured heavy cream  in the chipped ceramic bowl  emblazoned with “pretty kitty.” Satan’s Kitty indelicately placed his entire face into the dish, ingurgitating with a slurping sound that nauseated Sarah.  She looked down to see the cream gone and the fugacious feline slipped into the shadows of the dimly lit kitchen. 

The kitchen was the one place Dr. Jenkins avoided. She was left to organize and decorate as she saw fit.  The age of the home was reflected in the sagging cupboards and chipped laminate. Though there was something eurythmically soothing in the aged yet sparkling clean space of counter tops.”

Thoughts on the exercise:

I ran out of time before I used all of the words. The time flew by.   Callipygian, deracinate, ensorcell, and etui didn’t make it into the story. This was so much fun. 10 out of 10 – will do again.

I have no idea why my character is there or what will happen. Do I keep writing or leave her there in her clean kitchen with the devil cat? Only time will tell.

Now it’s your turn.

Jumping Write On In – Quick Write Challenge Time!

Can you combine these new words into a scene of your own?

Don’t think too hard.  Set a timer for 5 minutes. See how many you can use in a paragraph or two (at the most).

There isn’t a right or wrong way to do the exercise. It is not graded. This won’t be on the final – – scouts honor. Take a moment for yourself  to let your brain explore.

It’s good for the spirit.

I promise.

Jerusha Gray

Jerusha Gray is insatiably curious. This curiosity, coupled with a brain that never shuts up, drives her to paint and draw, read prodigiously, make music, write, and sing in grocery stores.


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