Back to school is rough – early morning, rushing around, forgotten homework, seriously can we just catch a break? I remember watching TV moms with their neatly pressed aprons and done hair, serving the whole family breakfast and thinking “yeah that will totally be me.” Yeah, right. Maybe we can’t have the pressed apron or hair done in curls, but we can serve our family a fantastic breakfast. These recipes are all easy, quick, and some are even make ahead!

Bacon Egg Waffle Sandwich | Aprons and Stilettos

These are a great make ahead breakfast option. An hour a week ahead, freezer paper and you are good!

Aunt Jemima Bacon, Egg & Cheese Waffle Breakfast Sandwich 3

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Wise Owl Fruity Toast | Daisies & Pie

Do not be fooled by the cuteness you are seeing – these take 5 minutes to make.


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Chunky Monkey Morning Oats | She Well

Another 5-minute winner, you guys. See, I know your life.



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Bacon and Egg Cups | Seasonal Cravings

Ok, these cook for 25 minutes, so you can set them up and get all the kids ready for school and maybe even yourself! Maybe.


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Easy Cinnamon Sticks | Just A Taste

These will make for a big crowd-pleaser, they are fast and delicious.


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Apple Greek Yogurt Muffins | Running With Spoons

You can 100% make these ahead of time, and they would also be awesome for lunches.


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Almond Butter Bananas | Tales Of Kitchen

These look so delicious, I almost feel like they could double as a dessert too!


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Breakfast Quesadillas | Well Plated By Erin

Make ahead, easy cleanup, these are a total win!


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Overnight Peach Cobbler | My Recipe Magic

Another overnight success for you – make these the night before, and get the kids to help!


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Breakfast Bananas | Chocolate Covered Katie

How cute are these? Cute, but so easy!


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