With the sun finally making its way out from behind the clouds I am ready to start growing our garden again! Planting and maintaining my garden has turned into something very much like my own kind of therapy. I’m not always great at it (I tend to kill a lot before I find my goove) but after I’m finished and I can sit back and see what I’ve done it just feels right. The sun shining and the breeze still crisp, putting on my gloves to start the process of weeding, prepping, and planting something that my family will enjoy the right through summer is something I look forward to every year. And I love any excuse to be able to just be outside getting things done; really gets those endorphins pumping. These ideas are high on my list to spruce up my garden with some fun new décor!


Vertical Chicken Wire Garden | Home Made Lovely

Space savers. I needs them. We have a decent size yard but I’ll never complain about a little extra.



Wooden Spoon Garden Markers | Playground Bench

These are just adorable. I mean… look at them?? And you can get the kids to help make them extra special.


Container Water Garden | Whats UR Home Story

Finding space for/knowing how to make a water feature is always a challenge. With these container gardens you can put them anywhere and take advantage of those really pretty water-plants you always find but can never use!


Palette Wood Walkway | Funky Junk

You’re going to need to put a little more elbow grease into this walkway but there’s no way you’ll regret it.


Mason Jar Tiki Torches | The Frugal Homemaker

I love how simple these are. Easy to make, easy to hang, easy to refill. Overall just an easy way to update your outdoor area with a little ambiance.


Cinder Block Garden Bed | Sweet Athena

So I actually made one of these about 2 years ago and there are 2 things that I love about it:

1.       It was easy and affordable to build.

2.       It is just as easy to take down and move/change shapes whenever you want.


Glowing Watering Can | Smart School House

This is just magical. I wish I could hang a million fairy lights all over everything.




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