The first week of August is known as “simplify your life” week. What does that mean? To put it simply, it means that it’s spring cleaning in August for whatever area of your life you find the most cluttered. This could be your work life if you’re always overworking yourself or your home life if you’ve got too much lying around the house.

When most people think of spring cleaning or de-cluttering, they think of doing things they normally don’t do, like dusting off window sills or finally cleaning out that cabinet under your sink. The truth is that de-cluttering is most necessary in places and things we use every day, especially when it comes to our clothing and accessories.

How often do you clean out your closet? Once, maybe twice a year? This year during the first week of August, take a second look at what you own and figure out the best way to simplify what’s in your life. You’ll end up with a more spacious closet and a happier, clearer mindset.

Start With Your Clothes

Everyone has the clothes they wear most regularly to work and after-work functions. The rest of your clothes get buried in the back, waiting for the moment when you see them and think that yeah, you’re in the mood to wear that neon-green volunteer shirt you got for free that one time you helped out the food bank.

The truth is, you probably need to get rid of a good chunk of what’s in your closet. When was the last time you really wore that jean jacket just to add to your outfit, or the sequined dress you only bought for that one themed wedding last summer? Sometimes you get clothes and you’ll never wear them again, even if you mean to, but that doesn’t mean they’ve completely lost their purpose.

Go through each article of clothing that you own—shirts, pants, skirts, dresses—and consider if it’s good enough for someone else to wear. If you don’t wear it because it’s got a giant hole in the front or a seam is ripped to shreds, then it’s probably not a great idea to donate or sell it, but if you can help pass it along to someone who may need it but can’t afford it from the name brand store, it’s a good idea to help the community out while you de-clutter.

Think About Your Shoes

While some people may not need that Prada scarf from 2007, everyone needs shoes. Most importantly, homeless people need shoes, and while you’re going through your belongings to simplify your life, give your wearable shoes to charities that want to help other people in need.

There are tons of charities specifically wanting shoe donations, so instead of donating your favorite soles to the local thrift store who’ll turn them around for cash, donate to the homeless instead. You never know if a pair of shoes is just what someone needs to help them turn their life around while you simplify yours.

Finish With Your Jewelry

Jewelry can be the hardest personal item to part with because it’s what’s commonly given as a gift. And then there’s the additional factor of how much each piece is worth. It’s easy to donate a shirt you know didn’t cost you more than ten dollars, but what if you give away jewelry that could help put a dent in your mortgage payment?

The key is to figure out the value of your jewelry before you sell or trade it. Don’t shy away from de-cluttering your jewelry box. Ultimately, it’s worth looking into. That necklace you got as a birthday gift ten years ago that you never wear anymore might have sentimental value, but it might also be put to better use as cash in your pocket.

Get inspired this year during “simplify your life” week to do more than just clean up your desk and promise to not cram as much into your daily calendar. Go through your accessories and really think about how much you use each piece and whether you’d be better off donating or selling each item rather than letting them sit around in your closet or dresser. Ultimately, you’ll end up with a more pleasant, less cluttered life that you can enjoy more fully.



Kacey is a lifestyle blogger for Drifter Collective, an eclectic lifestyle blog that expresses various forms of style through the influence of culture and the world around us. Kacey graduated with a degree in Communications while working for a lifestyle magazine. She has been able to fully embrace herself with the knowledge of nature, the power of exploring other locations and cultures, all while portraying her love for the world around her through her visually pleasing, culturally embracing and inspiring posts.

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