When I was a kid, I had a neighbor who had a treehouse in his backyard. His dad built it for him, and it was the coolest, most unstable structure I had ever seen. We played for hours in this amazing treehouse of imagination. I remember wishing that my dad would build one for me, but we didn’t have a good enough tree in our backyard.

I’ve always thought that treehouses, in general, are fascinating. Look at how people have made treehouses a thing that is marketable to grown-ups!  We want to have our own adventures, which means these structures are creative and even a little over the top.

Mi casa del árbol es tu casa del árbol, am I right?!

One of my favorites is right in my backyard, in Washington state.

Treehouse Point in Fall City, WA has six very different but equally appealing, traditionally-designed treehouses to choose from. Each is unique and beautiful.

The Upper Pond House is my personal favorite.

Suite Bleue. Guys. As if being in Italy isn’t enough. Look at this photo – you almost can’t even see the house. Imagine how amazing it would smell when you opened the windows in the morning and breathed in the acres of fresh lavender?

I would never leave.

Free Spirit Spheres is the world’s first spherical treehouse. Quirky, unconventional and interesting.

What did you do this summer? Oh, no big deal, we just stayed in a treehouse in the jungle … in Costa Rica! These are neat because they are fully equipped, whereas most of the treehouses there have outside amenities. You actually have the ability to make yourself fully at home here.

Treehotel in Sweden is the most unconventional of all. A UFO treehouse?! How cool is that?!

Treehotel also has a treehouse made completely of mirrored glass, called Mirrorcube. The glass transforms the outside of the structure based on the scenery in front of it. The appearance on the inside is exactly what you see on the outside – except no one can see you. Wow!

What’s so magical about each of these locations is that although they set the stage for your experience both inside the treehouse and out, what happens is really left up to your own sense of adventure. That’s the fun of it, right?

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