Growing up, every other Friday, I knew I was in for a musical education. My dad would pick us up for the weekend, and his car was filled with the sounds of music. Artists I had never heard of, or artists who were classics. My dad, you guys, he’s a really cool guy, and I’m not just saying that. He gave me this incredible gift, a gift of musical appreciation. I can go from hip hop, country, folk to classic rock all in the same playlist. Unheard of or underground artists are my favorites.

I wanted to bring my love of music to you. It’s Hump Day, the week is half over, and you should celebrate it. You made it this far! I have pulled together a Hump Day Playlist for you featuring five of my current favorite artists. This will give you a good taste of their music.


This girl is amazing. Her voice is like honey dripping, and the beats of her songs will be stuck in your head for days.

Kiiara | Sweatpants & Music | Hump Day Playlist 3/2


This electro-pop will be everything you didn’t know you need in your life. Garrett Borns is basically a genius.

BORNS | Sweatpants & Music | Hump Day Playlist 3/2


Indie Pop at its best. The mix of instruments in their songs will surprise and delight you–yeah, I know it’s cheesy, but their music just makes me happy.

MisterWives | Sweatpants & Music | Hump Day Playlist 3/2

Ryn Weaver 

This girl has such a soulful sound. I can’t think of another artist out there right now with her sound. I love that.

Ryn Weaver | Sweatpants & Music | Hump Day Playlist 3/2

Marian Hill

If you haven’t listed to Marian Hill before, seriously stop reading and press play. Their music is just sexy. SEXY.

Marian Hill | Sweatpants & Music | Hump Day Playlist 3/2

In fact, I have been playing this song, “Play,” on repeat for days now. You’re welcome.


Want to listen to the full Hump Day Playlist? Click below! Check back every Wednesday for a new Hump Day Playlist!

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