Are you ready for a fun, slightly retro Hump Day playlist?

Kari Faux

Known for being a more flamboyant rapper, Kari comes out of Arkansas with a unique sound. You get just a taste of her on this week’s playlist, but you can find more of her on SoundCloud.

kari-faux-Sweatpants & Music | Hump Day Playlist 3/30

Moxie Raia

She can sing, she can take you back to your first love; you’ll want to listen to her. Her soulful sound is the perfect pick-me-up for any Hump Day.

moxie-raia-Sweatpants & Music | Hump Day Playlist 3/30

Betty Who

I love Betty Who. She reminds me of Madonna, Katy Perry, rolled into one with a dash of Robyn.

bettywhoSweatpants & Music | Hump Day Playlist 3/30

Kaya Stewart

You may have heard her hit single, “I’m in love with a boy,” but that was just the tip of her iceberg. She will continue to blow your mind.

kaya_stewart_Sweatpants & Music | Hump Day Playlist 3/30

Rozzi Crane

She was featured with Maroon Five in The Hunger Games, then toured with them as their opening act. Now she is touring again opening for Owl City. Watch her. Just watch.

RozziCrane_Sweatpants & Music | Hump Day Playlist 3/30

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