This week has been thick with emotion, and so is this playlist. Get ready for feels, high and low.

Tom Francis

Tom has a strong love for playing music on the street and smaller shows. His music has a raw honesty to it. Listening to his entire album is like hearing a story from start to finish.


Magic Giant

Magic Giant started out on the festival market circuit. They traveled all over the country, and their following grew. They have an amazing indie folk sound that will feed your soul.


The Young Wild

A little bit of rock, a little indie, The Young Wild is a band I just can’t get enough of. You will for sure find your next summer hit in their latest release, “All The Luck.” Streaming now on Spotify.


East love

The acoustic pop band hails from New York, where they have been playing sold out shows since 2012.  The guys of East love want to keep their music authentic and honest. Big things are coming for them, I think.


Lesley Pike

A personal favorite of mine, Lesley brings you a deep haunting sound. Her songs tell a story. Not always a nice one, but a story none the less.

Lesley Pike

Here is your full playlist for the week. Happy Hump Day!


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