I am taking you outside the world of indie into a world filled with soul and funk. Get ready, you won’t be able to sit still this week.


British artist Jessica Joshua, better known as Nao, brings you her sound which is best described as a mix of neo-soul and R& B and with a slight electric sound. Her lyrics, though, guys. Her lyrics are what really connect me.



This duo hails out of NYC. Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman put out a soulful sound that I can’t get enough of. Jillian has a voice like honey.


Sinead Harnett

Sinead, coming from London, lists her inspirations as Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. Her sound drips with independence and confidence. He music is constantly popping up in my rotation. I love her.



You guys, when Dornik comes on my playlist, I have to turn him up. This is electric soul at its finest. His voice will make you weak in the knees.


Rosie Lowe

Her sound falls on the side of R & B as much as contemporary electronic music. She is also an avid mental health advocate.


Here is your playlist, peeps!


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