Happy Hump Day, listeners! I really hope you enjoy this week.

Brayton Bowman

Brayton is a hilarious 20-something kid making his path in the world. I love the raw storytelling in his music and the wit in his tweets.  Also this: “I have this sneaking suspicion that nobody is going to chase my dreams for me, and have planned accordingly.”



Anne-Marie’s just recently broke out on her own within the last year or so and is doing a smash-up job. Personal Favorite: Gemini


Phoebe Ryan

Y’all Phoebe is just plain fun. She just makes me want to dance, which I’m sure would embarrass the hell out of my kids. Check her out this summer as she heads on tour in July.


Bea Miller

You might know Bea from X Factor, where she came in ninth place. In my opinion, she was robbed. Her debut EP blew me away. Her sound has some straight edge to it. Personal Favorite: Yes Girl


Here is your full playlist!

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