I can’t believe we are now three months into our Hump Day playlists. If you are just finding out about these, make sure to follow us on Spotify. You can find all of our past playlists!

The Mowgli’s

Their latest song, “Freakin’ Me Out,” just hit Spotify this year and it is just as amazing as their last EPs. If you’re in the Nashville area this weekend you can catch them live at the Musician’s Corner Series at Centennial Park.



Parade of Lights

This electric pop band hails out of L.A. They have opened for some of my favorite bands like Imagine Dragons and Fitz. Personal Favorite: “Golden”


Royal Teeth

2016 is going to be a big year for Royal Teeth; their debut major label release is scheduled for this year! If you like Misterwives, you will definitely love Royal Teeth.


Bronze Radio Return

Another great festival band that I hope hits it big: Bronze Radio Return is a fun band with an energetic sound. Personal Favorite: “Worth Wondering”


Here is your full playlist!

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