Before I kick off this week’s very special Hump Day Playlist feature, I want to take a moment to share two articles I encourage every ally of the LGBTQIA community to read. Pride Month isn’t about boas and confetti. In order to truly appreciate Pride, you need to first understand it. Please take a moment and read these two amazingly educational posts on Pride and what it’s really about.

Dear Straight Allies, Please Don’t Come To Pride Until You’ve Understood These Six Things

Re-Queering Pride

Spotify is featuring a bunch of great Pride-related playlists this month. There is something for everyone. I have pulled a few of my favorites to share with you this week.

Loud & Proud

In Electric Dreams

Falling in Love

Warm Fuzzy Feeling

Queer As Folk




For all the #PressPlayForPride playlists, check out

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