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Sweatpants & Novels | Murder On The Hoof by Kathryn O'Sullivan

Sweatpants & Novels

We at Sweatpants & Novels, the book club of Sweatpants & Coffee, are very excited to announce our first title! With summer officially under way, what could be more fun than a murder mystery? Murder On The Hoof  (by Kathryn O’Sullivan) finds heroine Colleen McCabe — the fire chief in Corolla, North Carolina — dealing with a rival for her beau’s affections, a contentious theater group, and of course a couple of dead bodies! Pick up a copy today, and we’ll update you once a date has been set for the podcast during which we’ll chat with O’Sullivan about the world she’s created… and what she’s working on next!

Murder On The Hoof Kathryn O'Sullivan

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2 Comments on Sweatpants & Novels | Murder On The Hoof by Kathryn O'Sullivan

  1. Thank you for the invitation! I look forward to speaking with you and the readers/listeners!

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